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Fruits That Beautify and Heal

Updated on May 22, 2019
Kulsum Mehmood profile image

Kulsum Mehmood is an Eye Consultant in a Private Eye Institute. She likes to write and can cook delicious meals.


Friuts That Beautify And Heal



FRUITS ! Delicious, Desirable and Highly Nutritious, packed with Vitamins and Minerals, they are Nature’s own medicine, splendid tonics, natural stimulants, purifiers and anti – septics as well. Have a bowl of fruits as one of the three meals and find a world of difference to your skin, health and natural vitality !




A piece of ripe banana mashed with milk and honey or just by itself, has a miraculous effect on your facial skin. Banana pulp to which is added a little limejuice can be pasted on eczema patches as well as acne. A banana whip with egg, honey and dry fruits chopped serves as an excellent tonic and nourishment for skinny women and growing underweight children. What a blessing ! They are available throughout the year.




Excellent body cleansers, blood purifiers, they take care of acidity and constipation as well. A thick mask of ripe apples helps combat a dry complexion. At times, just make a meal of apples and find a marked improvement in your hair and skin texture. They are natural protectors of your teeth and gums as well.


Amla ( Gooseberries )


Nature’s gift of Health to mankind. Regular intake of ginger – amla drink sweetened with honey is a sure remedy for a soft – petal complexion and sparkling eyes. Amla powder can be used as a natural hair wash.




This wonder fruit with assortment of vitamins, minerals and enzymes acts as a natural healer and cleanser and its regular consumption controls the aging process. Mixed with milk and honey it is an excellent tonic for pregnant as well as lactating women. To increase breast milk, ferment the breasts with hot papaya leaves. Pimples, wrinkles, scars, a complexion slowly turning black ? Mask the face with thick ripe papaya for 20 minutes. Wash off with tap water and later massage the face with warm coconut oil for 5 minutes. Rinse off with a napkin wrung in hot water and splash plenty of cold water. Try it for 7 days and find the improvement. The milk-like juice of a raw papaya when applied regularly can eradicate pimples from its source. Suffering from body odours with temporary relief from artificial deodorants ? The answer lies in eating papaya freely as it cleanses the digestive and intestinal tract and reduces internal fermentation.

Chewing a plateful of papaya pieces cleanses the mouth and teeth and relieves bad breath. Suffering from irregular menstruation and amenorrhoea ? One teaspoon of the milky juice of a raw papaya with honey twice a day for 7 days before menstruation does the trick.


Custard Apple ( Sitaphal )


A delicious fruit with hidden virtues. Make a paste with milk. Eat some and freeze some for a delicious ice-cream. Massaging the scalp with this paste is a good remedy for preventing hair fall. Hair wash with its powdered seeds takes care of dandruff too. A custard apple a day, keeps iron deficiency at bay.




A poor sallow complexion ? Suffering from some skin disorder or the other ? Fed up with acne and blemished skin ? Then eat your strawberries liberally. Its blood cleansing properties along with high content of Vitamin C has a great impact on the skin and its tissues. A fresh strawberry mask on the face is not a bad idea. Go ahead. Strawberries are a perfect means of preventing and eradicating tartar from the teeth. Rub the fruit over the teeth and keep it for as long as you like. Rinse with a little warm water.


Pomegranate ( Anar )


Tired of artificial creams, lotions and potions with no significant improvement in your skin and hair texture ? Eat the pomegranate freely, apply one teaspoon of its juice daily on the skin. Morning sickness and nausea ? A tablespoonful of its juice with honey does the trick.




Whether they are green, red or violet-black, they are excellent beautifiers of the skin and hair when taken internally. Feeling tired and worn out after a hectic schedule at the

office ? A plate full of grapes or a tall glass of grape juice gives you the natural glucose

( dextrose ) bouncing you back to vigor and energy.


Sweet Lemon ( Mosambi )


A tablespoon added to the last rinse of water for hair wash gives shine and luster to dull hair as well as takes care of greasy scalp. The body is well cleansed and nourished from within with a tall glass of Sweet Lemon juice to which is added some ginger and honey. Honey mixed with lemon juice serves as a natural skin moisturizer for all types of skins in all types of weather.





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