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Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse in Spring Hill, FL

Updated on October 7, 2012

a new restaurant in Spring Hill, FL

Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse

12070 Cortez Blvd, Brooksville, FL 34613

(352) 596-6370

This past Saturday, we visited Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse in Spring Hill, Florida. We were pleasantly surprised at the new décor. The building has been vacant for several years. As you enter the dining room, there is an impressive waterfall cascading down the wall. The restaurant has been open since July 2012.

We arrived around 6 pm and were ushered right in to a hibachi table. There were six of us and a few minutes later they seated four more diners at our table which totaled ten. There was lots of laughter from the tables around us and we were able to preview some of the chef’s activities and interaction with the customers. After ordering our drinks, we checked out the menu. We all wanted the hibachi grill menu, but they also offered tempura, sushi, and other items. The hibachi grill items were not cheap, but the price does include ‘fiery’ entertainment from the chef and generous portions. The cheapest item on the hibachi grill menu was $17.95 which included salad, soup, fried rice, vegetables, and 2 shrimp. Combos were higher.

After ordering our dinner, we were served our salad and soup. Our chef then arrived making lots of noise with his knives and spatulas. Some of his many talents included balancing a raw egg on the metal spatula, flipping the egg onto his chef’s hat, tossing veggies into open mouths, and squirting saki (or water for kids) in open mouths. He performed the other usual antics such as the ‘onion volcano’ also.

It was a very enjoyable evening, the food was delicious, portions were generous, and the service was excellent. I would recommend Fujiyama Steakhouse wholeheartedly.


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