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Fukuburger Food Truck Hits Vegas Like a Tsumani

Updated on August 11, 2011

Fukuburger Truck in Las Vegas is Cleaning Up The Streets

The truck that has hit Vegas like a tidal wave.
The truck that has hit Vegas like a tidal wave.
Menu shots of some of Fukuburger's selections
Menu shots of some of Fukuburger's selections

Food Trucks Becoming Big Business in US

Maybe it is due to the popularity of the Food Channel's program "The Great Food Truck Race," or maybe it is just a passing fancy for otherwise bored diners, but the Fukuburger food truck based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has a secret following that would please a standard restaurant.

Operating since June, 2010, this Asian inspired food mobile can usually be found off Spring Mountain Road and Valley View, from "8 until Late." It started off slowly with a late night following, and now you will see people ordering burgers at the truck until the wee hours, and not just a few people, but a real crowd. People party at Fukuburger. They are addicted and come back three, four, even five nights a week. What is it about their food that makes them so irresistable?

The menu is primarily hamburgers, but not your average all-beef patties with a sesame seed bun. The top selling burger is the Tamago Burger- a hamburger patty with fried egg, crispy onion strings, and a delicious teriyaki based sauce. For spicier tastes there is also the Karai Burger, a spicy burger topped with avocado cream, lettuce and a spicy mayo-habanero sauce. Vegas folks just can't get enough of these burgers and they are willing to stand in 100 degree temperatures in a parking lot to get them. Burgers run $5-6, and can be complemented wit furikake macaroni salad or garlic fries served with banana ketchup. If you still have room try their Japanese version of shave ice, a kakigori. Amazing!

Vegas has several other food trucks now with a growing following, but nothing compared to Fukuburger. For more information visit their website at or add them on Twitter.


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