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Two Dip Ideas for Appetizers or Snacks - Super Easy Recipes

Updated on December 1, 2014

Fun Dips for Gatherings

It is fun to try a new dip when you are going to a gathering of friends or family. Here are a couple of different ones to try, a beef and a bean dip. Both are relatively easy to make, and you can bring along some tortilla chips, crackers, and the like. They are great for a spread, or as an hors' d'oeuvre, snack, etc. They have the added benefit of including some protein. Take one of these to your next get together, or make one or both for the next sports game you watch! Mix things up, and have other items as well. Having some fruit or vegetables cut up with some ranch or even alone, is a nice addition.

Big Round Loaf of Bread and Green Onions

Bread broken into pieces is great for this dip.
Bread broken into pieces is great for this dip.
Green onions add a nice fresh touch to the dip
Green onions add a nice fresh touch to the dip

Warm Beef Dip

This dip is a little different, but warm and very good! Try it at your next get together, its easy.


Two and a half ounces of dried beef, or 1 jar

1 cup water (cold water is fine)

One half cup of Parmesan cheese

One quarter cup of chopped green onions ( I like them chopped pretty small)

One quarter cup of mayonnaise

One quarter cup of sour cream

One package of cream cheese, about 8 ounces

Dash of cracked black pepper, and sea salt

Dash of cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder

One tablespoon of dried parsley or more if you are using fresh parsley

Directions for Warm Beef Dip:

From the jar of dried beef, take kitchen scissors and cut up into small pieces. Put this in about 4 cups of water in a microwavable dish, and microwave for 4 minutes, then drain well. Mix the rest of your ingredients together with beef, and microwave a couple of minutes and check to see if its hot, stirring it once part way through. Heat until nice and hot, and serve with your favorite crackers, vegetables, and chunks of bread. You can also use tortilla chips, or pretzel crackers.

Cilantro and Colorful Peppers

I love to add fresh cilantro to Mexican dishes and dips like this
I love to add fresh cilantro to Mexican dishes and dips like this
Fresh bell peppers are great to cut up and use with dips
Fresh bell peppers are great to cut up and use with dips

Quick Bean Dip

This dip is so easy but very tasty.

Ingredients for Bean Dip:

Re-fried beans, one pound can

One small can of green chilies, diced

One quarter teaspoon of garlic salt, or a bit more if you like garlic

Fresh cilantro, chopped fine (optional, but is a very nice addition)

One half to one teaspoon of hot pepper sauce, like Tabasco or Franks red sauce

Eight ounces of cream cheese

Finely chopped onion (small amount, and optional, but it adds a nice touch)

One quarter cup of cheddar cheese, shredded (this is for garnishing the dip)

Your favorite tortilla chips, and you can also have slices of bell pepper put out with this. Add some more color and freshness.

Directions for bean dip:

In a saucepan, warm your re-fried beans, and add chilies, garlic salt, and hot pepper sauce. Add in your cream cheese and stir until melted. Blend in thoroughly, and heat through. Place this mixture in your dips serving dish, and garnish with the shredded cheddar cheese.

Serve with your favorite tortilla chips. This also goes well with Mexican dishes like tacos and burritos and enchiladas. You can make this in the microwave, just use a lid and remember to stir it partway through and don't overcook. Whenever I can, I like to incorporate fresh ingredients into a meal or snack, etc. There is such a wealth of nutrients inside fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Bean or Beef Dips - A Poll

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