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Fun Fashion Themed Cakes

Updated on July 17, 2011

Fun Fashion Themed Cakes and Treats

Create festive fashion themed cakes, cupcakes, and treats of all kinds quickly and easily with cake stickers. Cake stickers also known as cake decals, photo cakes, and edible images do all the decorating for you. Simply place cake stickers on your frosted treat for a designer looking treat that will turn heads. Everyone can do it, no experience as a cake decorator is needed.

Fashion themed cake decals are available in prints of all kinds, such as shopping bags, purses, fashion clothing, makeup, scroll prints, zebra prints and more, perfect for all your special occasions. Fashion themed cake stickers are a big hit for girls of all ages. You can create the perfect cake for that special someone without spending a lot of money! These designer cakes and treats can be quite costly when purchased, you can make your own designer treats inexpensively for just $10.95 a sheet. You can also add an imprinted message right on the cakes sticker for a real personal touch.

Don't have time to bake? No problem! Purchase pre-made cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, or any favorite treat and adorn with cake stickers. You can create a masterpiece in a matter of minutes. You will be the hit of the party!

Once you try cake stickers you'll be wanting to use them for all your special occasions. Use cake decals to decorate cupcakes and cookies for less than $1.00 each. Perfect for office and school parties as well as a fun after dinner desert. Cake stickers can also be used to adorn fondant, gum paste, fudge, chocolate, and ice cream cakes.

Cake crafting is so much fun! Way better than scrap booking because you get to eat it when your done!

Check out all the fun and exciting ways you can create cakes and treats easily and inexpensively at


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