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3 Fun, Easy & Cool Watermelon treat Recipes

Updated on May 31, 2011

There is no other fruit that expresses the greatness of the summer season that i know of like watermelon does. Especially, in Georgia, where you can find the watermelon capital of the world, Cordele.

This fruit is healthy! One of the healthiest of the summer season. It is more than 90% water. Which makes it a refreshing treat on a hot summer day.

A juicy firm fleshed watermelon that has been cooled in the fridge can not be beat at a picnic or any function where children and adults alike are romping around and having a blast. It is a great alternative to just plain ole water and candy or pre made frozen treats.

It is so simple the kids can take on the task of making their own frozen treats or punch with a little supervision.

Go ahead plan a picnic and add these watermelon treats to your party and see the compliments that you will receive or give to the kids for such a beautifully refreshing and easy healthy treat.

Caution if you are allergic to ragweed, it is more than likely that you can have an allergic reaction to watermelon. God forbid but it is possible so be aware!

Watermelon is also good if you are trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle or a diet on a day where too many other tempting treats may be present, so go ahead and pick up one today.

Quartered watermelon.
Quartered watermelon. | Source
Watermelon chunks in blender pulsed to make watermelon water or juice.
Watermelon chunks in blender pulsed to make watermelon water or juice. | Source
Watermelon frozen treats.
Watermelon frozen treats. | Source
Watermelon punch spritzer.
Watermelon punch spritzer. | Source

Watermelon treats

What to have at hand:

Whole Watermelon

medium or large knife


ice trays

baking sheet

Kool aid mix





plastic shopping bags

rum, tequila or whatever alcohol you enjoy

1. Watermelon punch

Watermelon juice, pre sweetened Koolaid drink mix

What you will need:

Watermelon chunks

pre sweetened Tropical punch Kool Aid, a cap ful measuring for 2 quarts

What to do:

In blender, add watermelon chunks, pulse until it is liquid then add the Kool Aid and blender until it is well mixed.

Optional add 1 or 2 cups of crushed ice.

2. Watermelon lemonade

Watermelon juice, juice of 2 lemons or pre sweetened lemonade drink mix

What you will need:

Watermelon chunks, about a quarter of a whole watermelon, 40 ounces or 6 cups

juice of 2 lemons or pre sweetened lemonade

optional - 1/4 sugar

What to do

In a blender, add the watermelon chunks and pulse until liquid, throw in the lemon juice.

Taste, if it isn't tart enough or sweet enough add 1/2 a lemon and or the sugar.

Always start with the least amounts first then add to suit your own taste.

3. Watermelon icies / ice treats

Watermelon punch, watermelon lemonade or just watermelon juice

What you will need:

ice trays or some pliable container you can freeze

baking sheet, 9"x12" or one that fits on the freezer shelf

2 plastic shopping bags


1. Wash ice trays or what you will be using to freeze your treats in.

2. Cover your metal baking sheet with the plastic bags, as a liner.

3. Place the trays on the plastic lined baking sheets.

What to do:

Once you have made the punch or whatever recipe you want to make into Popsicles or ice treats.

Pour the mixture into the ice trays or ice cube trays almost to the rim.

Place in the freezer for at least 4 hours or until it is frozen solid.

Remove the ice treats from the containers when ready to eat.

Watermelon capital of the World

A markerCordele, Georgia -
Cordele, GA 31015, USA
get directions

The city of Cordele, Georgia is off of I 75 and is known as the Watermelon capital of the World.


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