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Fun with boxed cake mixes: Peanut M & M Yellow Cake Recipe

Updated on October 30, 2017
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Peanut M &M Yellow Cake

Peanut M & Ms

Fun With Boxed Cake Mixes : Peanut M&M Yellow Cake

For this recipe for peanut M & M yellow cake, you can use your favorite boxed super moist yellow cake mix, prepare the yellow cake batter according to instructions and mix the peanut M & Ms right into the yellow cake batter. You will most need the

  • peanut M & Ms,
  • the super moist yellow cake mix
  • water
  • oil
  • raw eggs

for this easy cake baking project. Peanut M & Ms with their candy coating are quite delicious. The multiple colors of the peanut M & Ms melt and “bleed” a bit as the yellow cake bakes up and it takes on a bit of a marble affect where the cake resembles marble cake.

The Peanut M & M yellow cake looks very enticing when it is fully prepared and you won’t be able to wait to dig into the cake to take your first bite of it. The peanut M & M flavor goes very well with the yellow cake. The peanut M & M yellow cake is scrumptious. With the same cake batter, you can make both a large peanut M & M yellow cake for slicing and some peanut M & M yellow cupcakes if you choose. The cupcakes are a great idea for sharing the cake with others. You can also wrap cake slices in foil to share. As you can see from the photos, a round peanut M & M yellow cake was baked as well as some peanut M & M yellow cupcakes. Using cupcake baking liners is always a good idea for cupcake and you might want to line the baking pan for the large cake with foil also if you prefer to. As I always say, using baking liners and foil as needed also helps to lessen the amount of time that is necessary for cleanup after your cake baking project.

Peanut M & M Yellow Cake

Peanut M & M yellow cake

There are large bags of peanut M & Ms selling for a good price at Aldi supermarket. I sometimes like to keep peanut M & Ms in a recycled glass candy jar with a lid. The idea to add peanut M & Ms to the yellow cake batter was intriguing and the resulting fully baked cake looked appealing. The peanut M & M yellow cake tasted delicious as well.

As I mentioned in some other cake recipe hubs, I love to eat cake that is still warm or even hot instead of waiting for it to reach room temperature or eating it after it has been refrigerated. Maybe you will enjoy eating this type of cake while it is hot as well.

As you have read the hub and looked at the photos, I hope that you might like to take on this fun and easy cake baking project too. I think that you will be pleased with the results regarding how this peanut M & M yellow cake tastes. It really is very good and you will enjoy sharing it with friends and family. The colorful effect makes the cake seem very festive and suitable for many types of occasions and parties. For any social event or family gathering where you serve this peanut M & M yellow cake, you will of course want to be very careful with not offering the cake to anyone that has a peanut allergy.

Enjoy preparing, sharing and eating your peanut M & M yellow cake!

Bake the peanut M &Ms right into the cake batter

© 2017 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


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