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Fun Facts About Crock Pots (and recipes too!)

Updated on August 23, 2007

Fun Facts About Crock Pots (and recipes too!)

Sometimes I think the Crock Pot is the most useful small kitchen appliance ever made! I am a self-confessed kitchen appliance junkie, and I find myself purchasing just about every new small appliance that becomes available. No matter what new kitchen wonders I get, though, I still use the Crock Pot more than any others.

Crock Pots have been around since 1971. After more than thirty years on the market, these great kitchen appliances are still very popular in many households around the world. Crock Pot cooking is so popular today that many major food manufacturers, including Marie Callender's and Banquet, market frozen food easy meals designed specifically for Crock Pot cooking.

If you browse through the cookbook section at your local bookstore, or tune in to your favorite television cooking show, you're likely to see tips and hints for cooking with your Crock Pot. As a matter of fact, more than 80 new commercial slow cooker cookbooks were published between 2004 and 2007. This number doesn't even take into consideration the many general cookbooks that include slow cooker recipes.

In recent years, the appearance and functionality of Crock Pots have changed significantly. With my first Crock Pot, even though I used it all the time, I dreaded cleaning it because the crock couldn't be removed for cleaning and the unit couldn't be submerged in water. I was thrilled when the removable crocks became available!

I now own several Crock Pots. I have tiny "Little Dipper" for keeping dips warm during parties and football games. I also have what I call a "small" version. I'm not sure of its capacity, but it is the original size product. I use it at my office when I take leftover soups and stews to work for my business partners and I to have for lunch.

My favorite slow cooker, though, is my large oval Crock Pot that automatically switches to a "warm" mode when the cooking time I set is up. I work crazy hours sometimes, and this feature really makes cooking worry -free. The fact that I do work such crazy hours is why I use my Crock Pot so much. It is so convenient and easy to put together a meal in the morning before work, and then know that it will be ready and waiting at the end of the day (no matter how late the work day ends up lasting).

If you're ready to pull out your Crock Pot to make tomorrow's dinner, check out a few of my favorite slow cooker recipes:

Homemade Vegetable Soup

Crock Pot Barbecue

Marinara Sauce

Sloppy Joes

Coming Soon: Watch for more great slow cooker recipe hubs in the near future!


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    8 years ago

    this is an amazing prouct

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    9 years ago


  • FunFacter profile image


    9 years ago from Canada

    Nice article , i am learning how to cook by some books , this might help with my gear.

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    jude teal 

    10 years ago

    Very helpful info

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    11 years ago

    Nice page. I love my crockpots, too. You should checkout my recipe hubpage.


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