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Updated on November 2, 2012
The Little Pie Maker from Cottage Craft Works .com
The Little Pie Maker from Cottage Craft Works .com
Making a meat pie
Making a meat pie
Complete pie
Complete pie
Making fruit pies.
Making fruit pies.
Completed baked pies ready to sell.
Completed baked pies ready to sell.

If you’re in charge of finding the next great fund raising project, take a look at this little pie making machine.

With economic hardships it’s difficult to find new fresh ideas to help raise additional funds for churches, civic clubs and school events.

When an Amish family is struck by tragedy the Amish families gather from all over to hold fundraising events to help the family pay the bills.

The Little Pie Maker was developed as a machine that could crank out several hundred fried pies at a time to be sold during these fundraiser gatherings. The fired pies are used as dessert for what are called a large hay stack benefit suppers. The pies are also purchased to take home and use.

The Little Pie Maker is sold exclusively at Cottage Craft Works .com. It is Amish USA made using heavy duty all metal parts. It is commercial quality, made and is used in the Amish communities for such fund raising events.

The owners of Cottage Craft Works have many Amish friends and are on the constant lookout for products like The Little Pie Maker that could also be used by non-Amish.

These types of products are just not found anywhere else on the Internet, which makes this back-to-basics online store a very unique shopping adventure.

Since the Amish build such high quality products and machines like this pie maker using all metal parts, it can also be used in commercial applications.

The Little Pie Maker is already being used in several restaurants and since these little 3” X 5” pies can be filled with just about any meat, vegetable, or fruit combination the popularity of different ethnic restaurants is quickly increasing.

The machine will fold and crimp pie dough, bread dough, pasta dough, and tortillas. The dough just has to be around 1/8” thick to fold and crimp into perfect pies for baking or deep frying.

For a church setting The Little Pie Maker is not something that needs to sit on a shelf until the next annual fundraising event either. It can be used almost weekly to make turnovers and other goodies for after church gatherings and food events.

Also see my hub on hosting a batch cooking party to help family & friends during difficult economic times. These little pies make a perfect take home project to stock the freezers of those who are struggling with keeping food in the house.


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