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Updated on August 6, 2016

For the past 20 years Americans have been denied the right to know whether their food has Genetically Modified organisms within it or was in anyway genetically modified ,but that's about to change thanks in no small way to people who are aware of the problems with genetically modified foods fed to pigs and rats which cause tumors to form in various parts of their bodies and can cause sterility. All that's about to change according to the organization - "Food Democracy Now"

A Grass Roots Organization in Iowa that has brought the issue of food democracy to the courts in several states such as Connecticut ,Maine and now the state of washington

Why do people or I should say Corporations allow our food to contain Genetically Modified Organisms that are Engineered to produce substances toxic to an animals Immune systems including the human animal?

Humans eating foods that contain G M O 's "is" the experiment being used to test their G M O 's on humans at least.

Apparently the cost of doing proper testing of G M O's in a lab environment is just too expensive and time consuming or maybe tests that were done were proving that G M O 's in food plants is toxic to humans over time.

Monsanto's claims that G M O 's are safe for human consumption without so much evidence as would convince a mouse is patently false and misleading as well

It,is well known that Monsanto has infiltrated the justice system with at least one person. Justice Clarence Thomas who once interned at Monsanto as a lawyer.

Then there is the revolving door between the Monsanto corporation and the legal and regulatory system that regulates corporations like Monsanto.The FDA for one.

Since Monsanto originated as a chemical weapons corporation in the military Industrial complex then we can assume that the chemicals used in products such as roundup and that have been found to be toxic to humans is based on the same chemicals used in the military to kill plants.

Now that weeds have become resistant to roundup Monsanto is turning to chemical agents found in agent orange - a powerful herbicide found to be in soldiers who went to vietnam and returned ill from exposure to that chemical.

There is a saying - "Money talks and bullshit walks" Bullshit being the truth!

It,seems Monsanto has taken this to be their corporate slogan.

Do you support labeling G M O - Genetically Modified Organism food containers and or packaging?

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Would you knowingly eat foods that contain G M O 's Genetically Modified Organisms

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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 4 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Great hub. You are way more optimistic than i am about the food labeling laws.

      Did you know that those states who passed a law for labeling foods that are GMOs, has a rider on it that says this law can only take effect if 5 other states in close proximity around them, also pass the same laws? So with that restriction on it it may take 20 years to get 5 more states to follow suit.

      The saddest thing about those GMO foods is the increased possibility of it causing genetic mutations in vivo in the human fetus, and sterility in humans who consume them (these side effects have already been established in lab animals).

      Once the damages are done to our natural crops, and to humans there is no reversing it.

      Yes, i believe this is an experiment on a vast scale that will prove to be one of the worst disasters of our history. And sadly, no one will ever be held accountable for it.