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GChanMako Diner Drive-In and Dives Self Tour of 5 Dives

Updated on February 11, 2018
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GchanMako is an avid beginning writer with an uncanny ability to write whatever he wants and not really care about what others think!

The Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives we have Visited.

Here are some of the Dives we have been to and hopefully we will try a few more before we stop traveling.

By the way this does not go against my efforts to change my lifestyle and lose weight because you have to learn how to eat, and eat well, all within the constraints and culinary joys of life.

So take a look at these 5 dives and try them out for yourself.

Our Visit to Tennessee

Toms BBQ:

In Memphis is kind of off the beaten path in the middle of an industrial area on a corner all by itself. It features great BBQ and going in I was skeptical.

But I ordered the rib tips which come with a dry rub. This was to die for, it was so good without any sauce. The sides were great and the portions were good. I would definitely rate this place high on the BBQ joints that you must visit.

For more information go here...

Arnolds Country Kitchen

This is located in Nashville, right downtown by the Music Center, it was on a Thursday that we rolled up right at noon. And the parking lot was plum full. But we decided with all of these people it must be good.

So we went the the front door and say people loitering around and try to get pass when we realized that it was the line...the line was out the door. Well we waited in line and were greeted by the gentlemen I remembered on the show who is by far one of the best attractions there.

We waited about 20 minutes to get to the line. The food is served cafeteria style and you get Desert first, I picked a pecan pie. Then you get the the food section where they usually have three meats to select from and sides. I got the roast beef sliced right off the bone, steamed okra, macaroni and cheese, and black eyed peas.

These were AWESOME the roast beef you can cut with a fork and it was perfectly seasoned and rare. The steamed okra was the best that I ever had and I am not a big okra fan.

The mac and cheese was tasty and the black eyed peas had a smokey flavor. All in all we spent 1 hour there and it was packed the whole time. But it was fun with a great atmosphere and super food. By the way the pecan pie was perfectly sweetened and the best I have had in my life.

Go here, and enjoy southern comfort food.

For more information please visit their website.

Our Visit to Places in Utah

Lone Star Taqueria

Located in Salt Lake City Utah, up on the east bench is a small fish taco stand with minimal seating and parking. I would recommend you get their before the lunch rush because it gets busy and they can run out of white fish and you may have to get salmon fish tacos.

The ordering is simple you can order as many tacos as you want, and they are very big so two or three will be more than enough. I even suggest you get the nachos.

There is a salsa bar right there with delicious salsa but the sauce that comes on the tacos is wonderful. I am not sure how, or what they do to these tacos but they are really delicious and I am a taco aficionado. So if you love fish tacos are you are in Utah you need to check them out.

For more information see their site. And a must see, you wont be able to help it, is the car out front with all the random stickers on it, which you probably can add to.

Pats BBQ

Located in downtown Salt Lake City it has a great bench seating and wonderful brisket, and sausage. The atmosphere is superb with wonderful people and lots of curious things to look at inside.

You can get some great BBQ in other places besides in the South and Pats is the place to go in Utah.

For more information please visit their site.

Red Iguana

Located in the west side of Salt Lake City is one of the premier Mexican food places. It has weird seating and you could be anywhere and stuffed in an odd place.

But it is worth the seating to get good Mexican. Chips and salsa is good but it is the food that is awesome. I always get the enchiladas and love them. I always feel the food is fresh and made to order.

If you like traditional Mexican this is the place in SLC, Utah.

For more information go to this website.

Our Visit to Florida


When in the Sarasota Florida area well you have to check out Yoders, and the one thing that is on the menu you have to get is the Fried Chicken, it is HUGE and the taste is awesome.

When you are done you should wash it all down with one of their famous pies, and if you are to full you can always get it to go. This place is run by some very friendly Amish, the lines are long so be prepared to wait.

But it is worth the wait.

Get Out and Eat!

So if you are in the area of these places go out and check them out, and hey if you have any other ones you think are worthy and have been featured on the show then leave us a comment. Thanks!


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    • Sharlee01 profile image

      Sharon Stajda 3 months ago from Shelby Township Michigan

      Loved this hub... Made me hungry.