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Garlic Shrimp with Linguine Pasta

Updated on February 14, 2017

Time For a Delicious Meal

Olive Oil is a very important ingredient when preparing Garlic Shrimp Linguine.
Olive Oil is a very important ingredient when preparing Garlic Shrimp Linguine. | Source
Fresh Mushrooms are a must when serving up Garlic Shrimp with Linguine pasta.
Fresh Mushrooms are a must when serving up Garlic Shrimp with Linguine pasta. | Source

Calling all seafood lovers...

Always having being a big fan of seafood, I am not sure who loves it more. For the most part, I think it might be a tie between my dad and I. Although, he tries some of the food that is considered exotic, he mostly likes to stick to the seafood that he knows. My family does enjoy eating seafood. Anytime we can, we get together and it usually does involve eating food.

This is a great little seafood recipe that I believe you will enjoy.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to cook and try to make the simplest, best, recipes possible. Just because I try to make new recipes, doesn't mean that they aren't the easiest ones possible either.

For a recipe like this, I would go to the store and buy some linguine. The store usually has a specialty bag of pasta and this makes the recipe even more special. Plus, this gives you an excuse to go to look for some special pasta for this recipe..

Fresh seafood such as fresh shrimp is best for this recipe. Fresh ingredients are always the best, if you have the opportunity to use them.

Garlic is great in this recipe and I always buy the chopped garlic in a jar. I have been known to grow my own garlic in my yard in the spot where I have my herbs planted. This garlic was transplanted from my grandmother's house. The garlic is great for cooking and it is great to be able to go out into the back yard and get what you need to cook with.

If you happen to go to the beach and you are able to buy some fresh shrimp while there, this would be great to use for this recipe.

Shrimp Linguine

Garlic Shrimp linguine is a tasty lunch or dinner time meal. Always prepare the meal with the right amount of ingredients so that it turns out right.
Garlic Shrimp linguine is a tasty lunch or dinner time meal. Always prepare the meal with the right amount of ingredients so that it turns out right. | Source

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  • 1 (9oz) package linguine or fettuccine, refrigerated
  • 1/3 cup chicken broth
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1/2 teaspoon basil, crushed, dried
  • 2 cups fresh mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 large yellow or green sweet pepper, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons garlic, bottled, minced
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 (14 1/2oz) can Italian style tomatoes, stewed and undrained
  • 8 oz. shrimp, fresh, frozen peeled and deveined shrimp
  • 1/4 cup parmesan cheese, finely, shredded
  • basil leaves, fresh, optional

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  1. Cook the pasta according to the package directions and then drain the pasta well. Return the pasta back to the hot pan to keep it warm until ready to serve.
  2. **A little trick my mom taught me** You can use a little bit of shortening to keep the pasta from sticking together as it cools off. Just remember it only takes a very little amount of shortening. Starting out with a teaspoon of shortening. It is better to be able to add more shortening to the past than to get too much shortening.
  3. Don't worry, the shortening will not change the taste of the pasta. It will not effect it at all. Cover to keep warm.
  4. Take a small mixing bowl and combine chicken broth, cornstarch and the dried basil. Set aside.
  5. Now, in large skillet cook the mushrooms (if you are using mushrooms in this particular recipe), garlic and sweet pepper in hot olive oil about 3 minutes or just until tender.
  6. Add the undrained tomatoes and broth mixture. Cook and stir until the mixture is bubbly.
  7. Add the fresh or frozen shrimp, cover and simmer for 2-5 minutes or until shrimp are opaque, in color.
  8. Serve the shrimp mixture over hot cooked pasta. Top with some parmesan cheese and if desired, garnish with fresh basil leaves.

Cook Time

Prep time: 25 min
Cook time: 5 min
Ready in: 30 min
Yields: Serves 4.

Shrimp Linguine Alfredo


For this particular shrimp recipe, it is suggested that you have mushrooms and sweet peppers in the dish. If these are ingredients that are not preferred at your household, then you could just simply leave these two ingredients out of the recipe all together or you could substitute them for something that you do like. However, the mushrooms most definitely set this dish apart from other imitations.

If there's someone in the family that does not particularly care for mushrooms, they can be left out of the recipe but, you might try other vegetables that work well with this pasta.

Linguine With Garlic Shrimp

Nutrition Facts
Calories 381
Calories from Fat90
% Daily Value *
Fat 10 g15%
Saturated fat 2 g10%
Carbohydrates 50 g17%
Fiber 3 g12%
Protein 24 g48%
Cholesterol 131 mg44%
Sodium 487 mg20%
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because the recipes have not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.

Other great pasta dishes

Chicken Parmesan
Chicken Lasagna
Eggplant Parmesan
Chicken Alfredo
Chicken Florentine
Chicken Marsala
If I am not making linguine with garlic shrimp, there are so many other pasta recipes. These just all happen to have chicken in them except for the eggplant parmesan.


Another idea for this recipe: If someone doesn't like the idea of shrimp as the meat, for this recipe, you could use a variety of other meats such as, Italian sausage, chicken or veal. This is a recipe that is quite versatile. Just cook the meat and marinate it the same exact way that you prepare the shrimp

Being able to substitute the meat in this recipe will make you think that you are trying a different recipe, as well as trying different vegetables.

Lemon Garlic Shrimp Linguine

My Bread Secret....

You know how you go to certain Italian restaurants and they bring you out some bread and herbs and oil to dip it in? I have my own "version" of that particular bread that I fix at home for my family.

I have a little secret that we have at our house to fix our own "Italian bread". You simply use loaf bread. Use some good melting butter (I usually melt 2 tablespoons of butter). Depending on the amount of bread that you are about to prepare will of course, determine how much butter but, that will get you close to the right amount.

For 2 tablespoons of butter, I can usually fix 6-8 pieces of bread.

For the seasoning on the bread. I use what I like such as, garlic powder, oregano, thyme, basil and parsley. I just melt the butter first and sprinkle just a little bit of each spice into the butter. Then I mix the seasonings the best way that I can and use a brush to apply the butter and seasonings to the bread.

Then we just toss the pan into the oven and bake for 250 degrees for 5 minutes. Watch closely because each oven does vary and we just preheat our oven and just kind of toast our bread, we don't have a set time that we cook it.

© 2014 Buster Johnson


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    • mosaicman profile image

      mosaicman 3 years ago from Tampa Bay, Fl

      Leslie, you are making me so hungry with the mention of garlic shrimp and lemon garlic shrimp pasta. I love getting that whenever I go to Carrabbas or Olive Garden. Thanks for the recipe.

    • lesliebyars profile image

      Buster Johnson 3 years ago from Alabama

      Thank you for the comment. It's a delicious meal.

    • Meisjunk profile image

      Jennifer Kessner 3 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Great recipe hub! I love this meal. Definitely bookmarking! =)

    • BNadyn profile image

      Bernadyn 3 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida

      We eat pasta a lot at our house and one of my favorite food is shrimp. This sounds great and so does your Italian bread. Voted up! Have a nice weekend. :)