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Excellent Wine and Vodka Cocktails

Updated on January 20, 2012


Are looking for some elegant, yet robust cocktails to impress your friends, or simply satisfy yourself after a hard week? The following are two elegant, yet hearty Cocktails, made from a blend of Vodka, fruit juice, and wine.

Gentleman's Vodka and Orange Juice

A unique and classy spin on an old classic. Making a Gentleman's Vodka and Orange Juice requires...


2 Small Fresh Oranges or Tangerines (if you do not have full oranges, feel free to use 2oz of store bought orange juice)

2oz White Wine

  • Feel free to use white wine of your choice. When I made this I used a nice Chardonay, and it blended wonderfully. Another excellent option would be a Riesling, which has a spectacular, semi-sweet taste, perfectly capable of complimenting the tangy flavor of the orange juice.

1oz Vodka

How to make

  1. Juice the Oranges and strain pulp (if desired).
  2. Mix approximately 2oz of orange juice with white wine and stir.
  3. Pour mixture into either a white wine or martini glass and add Vodka. Either stir or allow drink to settle, and enjoy!

Kandorian Cooler

This is a delightful, tangy, fruity drink perfect for cocktail party or simply relaxing a hot saturday afternoon. It is also a great drink to introduce to all the extraordinary geeks in your life, as is named after the capital city of the planet Krypton, home planet of The Man of Steel: Superman's. The drink takes it's name for it's deep red color, reflecting the shade the powerful red sun of Krypton.;


3oz Cranberry juice

2oz Red Wine

  • For this, I recommend a strong, dark wine, such as a Merlot. The sweet tangy flavor of the cranberry juice, really complements the strength and robust taste of a good dry wine.

1oz Vodka


Mix Cranberry Juice with Red wine. Pour into a red wine glass. Add Vodka, allow a few moments to settle, and enjoy!

  • Additional suggestion: If you are serving this drink to all the extraordinary geeks in your life, try serving it in either a pilsner glass or a champagne glass. The tall, thin, unique shapes of those glasses gives a little nerdy, alien feel to this otherwise elegant, classy cocktail.


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