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Wine Lovers

Updated on May 13, 2011

Gifts For Wine Lovers

 If you know someone who loves wine, there is a wide range of unique, inexpensive gifts to choose from. A good gift is one that the recipient will enjoy but one that they would not have necessarily bought themselves.

Wine accessories cover a wide spectrum, from very formal pieces suitable for expensive wines, to simple tools designed for everyday use.

If you are looking for an easy gift, wine accessories are a good place to start.

Wine Cooler
Wine Cooler

Wine Gift Choices

Although wine has a reputation as being an expensive pastime, gifts for wine lovers do not need to break the bank.

Knowing a little about their wine preferences can help choose the perfect gift. If white wine is their drop of choice, keeping it cold is a priority. Aged reds need decanting and you need to keep crumbling old corks out of the wine. This should prompt you towards an appropriate gift.

If you don't know their favorite wine style, play it safe. All wine needs to be opened and you need a glass to drink it from.

Wine Magazine Subscriptions

Simple Wine Gifts

When choosing a wine related gift, you don't necessarily need to get them something they don't already have. Everyone has a bottle opener somewhere, but there are some much nicer examples than the $1 one they got from the corner store.

Look for attractive tools and accessories that can be used for special occasions. If you have been around to their house for a dinner party, try and remember what they used when serving wine and see if you can upgrade their equipment.

Wine Bottle Openers

If you are going to get them a gift that performs the same task as a tool they already have, it needs to be impressive.

The Oster Electric wine opener is a cordless product that sits on a bench top charger. The opener is placed over the neck of the bottle and a quick press of the button sees the cork removed.

This would be a particularly thoughtful gift for anyone with arthritis in the wrists or hands, or elderly wine lovers who struggle with traditional openers.

Wine Savers

These make great gifts for someone whose partner does not drink or prefers a different type of wine. Many people will finish a bottle over a few nights so keeping the wine in good condition is important.

Wine savers are an inexpensive gift - not as glamorous as other gifts - but they show that you were thinking about them and what they enjoy.

Wine Decanters

Wine decanters range from reasonably priced to beyond belief.

Most long term wine enthusiasts will already have a decanter and unless you are knowledgeable on both them and decanters, it is probably best to avoid.

Anyone relatively new to wine may not yet have made the investment. This is the perfect opportunity to get them a gift that is practically guaranteed to please. They look great and create a certain atmosphere when drinking wine. No one uses a decanter for cheap, everyday wine, so they definitely add to a special occasion when a nice bottle is opened.

Wine Stocking Fillers

To the right are some simple examples of inexpensive stocking fillers for wine lovers.

If they already have an impressive set of wine glasses, a cleaning cloth can be perfect. Riedel cleaner beads are great for getting decanters spotless again.

Red wine cleaner for when the party gets a bit louder, and the classic waiters bottle opener for the traditionalist. Get it engraved to personalize and remind them of the occasion for years to come.

Gifts for Wine Lovers - Feedback

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Wine Gifts

Electric Wine Bottle Opener
Electric Wine Bottle Opener


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