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Gimbal’s Jelly Beans For All

Updated on August 31, 2011
you won't believe until you try these Gimbal's jelly beans yourself
you won't believe until you try these Gimbal's jelly beans yourself

Most people that are fond of consuming candies do not usually realize that they are in fact consuming one of Gimbal’s products. This is often because the company’s products are mostly offered for sale in bulk quantities. Gimbal’s Jelly Beans come in a wide variety of kinds and flavors, all of which are often capable of making the consumers want more and more of them. The gourmet jelly beans, the Jelly Belly, Honey Lovers, and Cherry Lovers are just a few to name.

Consumers willing to eat the Gimbal’s Jelly Beans will normally be able to choose among a wide array of flavors within one single pack of the Jelly Beans. Fortunately enough, consumers will be able to obtain a single pack only with $2 approximately.

There are not few adults these days who have grown up consuming quite a considerable amount of those Gimbal’s Jelly Beans. With that being said, parents will be able to share with their children how they experienced chewing those jelly beans and how each taste might feel.

The Gimbal’s Jelly Beans are one good example that comes with a pretty wide range of flavors. To start with, there is the Cinnamon flavor. Although there might be some people out there that won’t really like how the real Cinnamon tastes, they might as well forget it when they chew the Cinnamon flavored Gimbal’s Jelly Beans. This is possible thanks to the manufacturing of the candies that make it feel pleasantly mild.

Yet, if the Cinnamon is not quite what you are looking for, then there are also other flavors such as the Root Beer one. This is one fabulous flavor and most will likely want another pack – in whole!

The Red Delicious flavor of the Gimbal’s Jelly Beans seems to suit those that favor the taste of an apple, a sweet tasty apple. This flavor is also quite suitable to those that do not really favor strong flavors.

In addition to those above, consumers with a taste for vanilla or caramel will most likely find the Gimbal’s Jelly Beans with the Roasted Marshmallow flavor their favorite. This flavor comes offering slightly toasty vanilla sensation.

Wait, are you asking about chocolate, the flavor that almost everyone likes? No worries, you got it! Simply look for the Gimbal’s Jelly Beans with its package saying “Chocolate”. But if Chocolate is not your flavor, you won’t have to worry either as there are still lots of other flavors such as the Strawberry Daquiri, Bubble Gum, Wild Cherry and a lot more.


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