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Ginger Recipes; Preserving in Sherry

Updated on February 12, 2013

Preserved Ginger

Ginger preserved in Sherry
Ginger preserved in Sherry | Source

Will you Try this?

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Creativity for the Everyday?

Cooking is all about creativity to me.

Although, this statement makes me want to re-phrase the adage “It is hard to worry about draining the swamp when you are up to your butt in alligators.” To “It is hard to worry about cooking creatively when you are up to your butt in hungry kids.” So, yeah, I get it!

Still, the longer I cook the more I realize that layering flavors is so very important. The complexity of a good soup, stew, roast, dessert, tea, and soda pop may not be completely obvious to those enjoying the dish but they will tell you how good the item tastes. Most of my recipe creations come from the addition of tastes that fit with the item either culturally or because I think it is interesting!

Gourmet Tastes on a Budget

You can create gourmet tastes and ingredients. The following recipe on preserving ginger in sherry is so very easy. It would be a high priced item if you found it in a gourmet cookery store. Yet here it is so very easy to make and so very inexpensive.

This ginger is preserved in sherry. So many of my Pacific Rim recipes use both ginger and sherry, so, I decided that preserving ginger in sherry just made sense.

Besides, we have had this sherry for quite awhile. We are not using it any other way. I bought it to make a cherry dessert topping. The topping is good but I don’t make it much! So, this is a waste not recipe too!

Easy steps to preserving ginger

Next try will be with the Cherry liquor.  Should make a great dessert flavor!
Next try will be with the Cherry liquor. Should make a great dessert flavor! | Source

Cook Time

Prep time: 15 min
Ready in: 15 min
Yields: one small jar of preserved ginger




  • 1 hand ginger
  • 1 C. sherry
  • 1 t. Candied Ginger, MAY LEAVE OUT!

Peel and slice ginger


Sherry Preserved Ginger

  1. Wash the jar and then fill it with boiling water. Do the same with the jar lid by washing it and placing the jar lid in a bowl and cover with boiling water.
  2. Peel, wash and slice the ginger. You MAY ADD Candied ginger but this is not required!
  3. Pack the ginger in the jar and cover with the Sherry. Place in the back of the refrigerator. It is ready to use in a week.

More Inexpensive Creative Ideas:

I preserve ginger by freezing it whole too. I also preserve it by making it into a candy that is very breath-taking and excellent in hot tea.

Here are a couple more recipes that will take the less expensive items and make something very special to work with:

Odd Ingredient Stories

I am reminded of family stories regarding ingredients.

My Dad loved to cook. No, he was not a Chef; however he would have made a most excellent Chef. The one thing that you could count on with my Dad is unusual ingredients. The motto in our home was ‘do not ask him how he made these pancakes so darn good’. He might have used freshly ground horseradish from his garden or Marzetti’s® dressing as an ingredient. You never knew. He carried this unusual ingredient use through to everything he put his hand to. It drove our Mom to distraction. “Us kids thought it was, well, great!”

For years my aunt made a dessert she called “Supreme Tart.” This is easily recognizable as a homemade luscious cheesecake. However, one of my cousins (who loved this dessert) was appalled when she learned that her beloved Supreme Tart was made primarily of cream cheese. She said she did not like cream cheese and actually quit eating the dish because of this. She was very young. I do hope she has overcome this!

I am also reminded of a cousin (other side of the family) who loved my guacamole dip. When she visited me in the great South West USA, I purchased some avocados while she accompanied me to the store. She said that I was not to purchase any of those ‘slimy things’ for her because she did not like avocados.

She had already eaten loads of this dip while at my home. When I told her that is what guacamole dip is she was very upset. I would like to report, that she was a grown-up and quickly overcame the horror that her favorite dip was made from avocados. She was quickly eating guacamole again!

Why am I telling you these stories? Well, beyond the fact that they are kind of funny, I am recommending you keep your kitchen creativity to yourself.

I will ask my guests if they have any food allergies. I promise my diners no mystery meat. Beyond that I do not promise anything.

That is how I survive as a popular kitchen cook. What they don’t know will not hurt them and they just might like it!


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    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      sounds really good and love ginger. I am going to bookmark this for when I get some ginger... Great ideas..Voting up and pinning.