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Ginger the wonder food

Updated on March 16, 2011
Kulsum Mehmood profile image

Kulsum Mehmood is an Eye Consultant with 30 plus years of experience. She is single mother and a philanthropist. She is in a full time job.

Ginger - the wonder root tuber
Ginger - the wonder root tuber





  • May prevent motion sickness
  • Can help to eradicate nausea
  • May help to relieve menstrual cramps



  • Raw or candied ginger may irritate oral  tissue and other mucous membranes

 Ginger is a modified root tuber widely used as a flavoring in preparing various food recipes and is also widely used as a medication.


Ginger has a long and honored tradition in folk medicine, and for good reason, according to modern research that is exploring the scientific basis for ginger’s effects.


Recent studies have shown that beta ionone, a terpinoid found in ginger, has decided anti-cancer properties. Tumors induced in laboratory animals grow much more slowly if the animals are pretreated with beta ionone.


Various forms of ginger – nonalcoholic ginger ale or beer, pills and candied ginger root – have been used to counter the nausea and vomiting of motion sickness. In Germany it is a government approved treatment for motion sickness and heartburn. It is an effective prescription medication in preventing motion sickness, without causing the drowsiness drugs sometimes do.

         Sipping the ginger ale or sucking candied ginger, which has a more concentrated flavor, may help to quell spells of nausea  due to morning sickness, food poisoning, gastroenteritis, or cancer chemotherapy. Ginger is available in capsule form for those who find that the candy is too strong or irritates the mouth.


Because ginger blocks the pro-inflammatory prostaglandins which are hormone-like chemicals, it may also be useful in helping people who suffer from the pain of :

  • Migraines.  These headaches are thought to be caused by inflammation in blood vessels in the brain. One study suggests that taking ginger at the first sign of a migraine can help to reduce the symptoms.
  • Arthritis.   Prostaglandins contribute to joint swelling in people with arthritis. Studies have shown that people with either osteo-arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis experienced less pain and swelling when they took powdered ginger daily.


ROOT REMEDY.   Adding a slice or two of peeled ginger to bean dishes is said to reduce the flatulence these foods often cause.

SORE THROAT.   Juice of ginger mixed with honey is a very effective remedy for sore throat and pharyngitis. Also ginger may be introduced in the body in the form of a decoction by boiling it in tea. This is effective in reducing throat inflammation and also in bringing down fever.


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    • Kulsum Mehmood profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Kulsum Mehmood 

      5 years ago from Nagpur, India

      @emilybee, thanks for visiting and sharing what you feel about this wonder food ginger.

    • emilybee profile image


      5 years ago

      Just started drinking lots of ginger boiled in water or ginger tea and using the ginger at the end as a lozenge. It's delicious and I feel great!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      thanks for your valuable comments

    • Kulsum Mehmood profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Kulsum Mehmood 

      7 years ago from Nagpur, India

      Thanks Siskin fo your valuable comments. And thanks to Mr.Muthusamy for the valuable info.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I agree with Mr.Muthusamy and appreciate him for sharing such information. I have heard this statement from my Granny as a child [Tamil version: Kalayil Ingi, Kadum pagal Sukku and Malayil Kadukkai - will make even an old man as a young man] I was aurguing with my friend that Internet does not have all information but Yes, fro such senior people like Mr.Muthusamy. Thanks everyone for sharing good info.

    • Kulsum Mehmood profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Kulsum Mehmood 

      8 years ago from Nagpur, India

      Thanks pddm67 for the visit and the comment.

    • pddm67 profile image


      8 years ago from Queens, New York

      Cool hub. One of my favorite things to cook with. ALWAYS have some extra stored in the freezer, peeled and ready to go. My husband just had a really bad sore throat and I didn't even think of using ginger with the honey remedy I made him (duh)! I'll remember for the next time :-)

    • BkCreative profile image


      9 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      I've been reading so much about ginger and this is just a reminder for me to get out there tomorrow and pick up a piece.

      Thanks for the reminder and I will check back with you!

    • Kulsum Mehmood profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Kulsum Mehmood 

      9 years ago from Nagpur, India

      Thank you Lgali for stopping by. I too love ginger tea. Amongst other things ginger tea is good for the throat and it also brings down the fever.

    • Lgali profile image


      9 years ago

      i love ginger tea

    • Kulsum Mehmood profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Kulsum Mehmood 

      9 years ago from Nagpur, India

      Thank you Muthusamy for sharing with us.

    • Muthusamy R profile image

      Muthusamy R 

      9 years ago from CHENNAI India

      The Siddha system of medicine (popular in South India) hasprescribed like this: Consume Ginger in the morning; Dry Ginger in noon and Chebulic myrobalan or harra or Kadukkai in the evening to keep your self young. To elevate the soul on its spiritual journey, the Siddhas formulated an applied alchemy, the Kaya Kalpam (long-life elixir). Kaya means 'body, mind and psyche' and Kalpa means 'transmutation'. Kayakalpa is a transformative approach to health and consciousness to prevent and free from chronic diseases. Ginger is considered as one of the kaya kalpa.. Nice hub. Thank you for sharing this information

    • Kulsum Mehmood profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Kulsum Mehmood 

      9 years ago from Nagpur, India

      Yes Trsmd. Ginger tea is really very delicious and helps to control sore throat and also to bring down fever. Thank you for stopping by. And, of course ginger can be added to food while cooking.

    • Trsmd profile image


      9 years ago from India

      I like to drink ginger tea. It can als be added to cooking.


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