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Gino's Italian Escape Cookery Book Review

Updated on March 19, 2017
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Lyn has many passions including cooking, especially finding the healthiest options for home cooked meals. Lyn is a qualified herbalist.

Discover the secrets of real Italian food with Gino D’Acampo as he captures the flavors, smells and tastes of his homeland in over 100 deliciously simple recipes.

— Hodder & Stouton

Gino's Italian Escape

Filming Gino's Italian Escape
Filming Gino's Italian Escape | Source

The book was originally designed to accompany a television series of the same name. A tour of Italy and cooking favorite regional dishes led to this collection of 100 delicious recipes that are easy to follow and recreate at home.

Map of Italy, Europe

Italy | Source


There is something remarkably lovely about holding a book in your hands that combines fantastic recipes with a travelogue. In Gino’s Italian Escape the book concentrates on the food, but there are a few atmospheric stills thrown in from the television show as well.

The book is well laid out into sections:

  • antipasti and aperitivi
  • soups
  • pasta
  • pizza
  • meat
  • meat-free
  • fish
  • sides and salads
  • breads and biscuits
  • desserts

‘My grandfather said that a good recipe doesn’t need many ingredients because if the ingredients are good quality and full of flavor, why do you have to cover up or change their taste’

— D'Acampo G
Front Cover of the Book
Front Cover of the Book | Source

Limoncello Cocktail

The antipasti and aperitivi section begins with a very useful guide to mozzarella and cured meats.

The recipes here include a lovely limoncello cocktail which is a delicious blend of limoncello and prosecco that is quick and easy to follow and is great for getting any party started. This section has a good number of varied and well explained choices that will suit all tastes.

Limoncello Cocktail
Limoncello Cocktail | Source

Limoncello Cocktail


The soup section includes the classic Italian soup minestrone and several more besides.


Each section enjoys an introduction by the chef and the pasta section is no exception and this section enjoys a list called ‘Gino’s Golden Rules for Pasta’ being an easy to follow 6 step guide for perfecting pasta. The first recipe in the pasta section is for Home-made Egg Pasta Dough. A couple of recipes in this section have become firm favorites in the writer’s home.

The meat ideas are varied and incorporate different meats and chicken.

Meat Free and Fish

The meat-free section is particularly exciting featuring seven vegetarian dishes that are all easy to follow and will wow vegetarian guests such things as ‘Butternut Squash Risotto with Sage Butter’ or ‘Ricotta and Spinach Dumplings’ or the handy everyday dish of ‘Peas, Asparagus and Mint Risotto’.

The fish section is a varied journey of different fish dishes and as with the rest of the book each recipe is accompanied by a photograph to tantalize you.

Crispy Fillet of Sea Bass with Herby Couscous

Photo from the book
Photo from the book | Source

Accompaniments & Bread

Some of the accompaniment ideas would work as vegetarian choices on their own and there are lovely vegetable ideas to suit any type of meal.

The breads and biscuits includes takes on the classic amoretti biscuits and focaccia, farcita and rustica, panini and ciabatta breads.

Focaccia Con Pancetta E Cipolle Rosse

Photo in the book
Photo in the book | Source


The desserts area begins with Gino’s ‘Auntie Rita’s Pistachio and Chocolate Cake’ and just when you think it cannot get any better you look at the other dessert recipes and realize that this is like a restaurant menu of tantalizing desserts.

Auntie Rita’s Pistachio and Chocolate Cake

Photo in the book of Auntie Rita’s Pistachio and Chocolate Cake
Photo in the book of Auntie Rita’s Pistachio and Chocolate Cake | Source


Gino’s Italian Escape is a fine looking book 10” x 8” in size that looks great on the shelf or coffee table. It is a delight to cook from and a pleasure to read. It is interesting to dip in and out of, or just turn the pages and enjoy the photographs of the food and Italy.

The recipes are achievable and easy to follow and the chef’s easy manner comes across in the text.

Gino's Italian Escape Cookery Book

5 stars from 1 rating of Gino's Italian Escape


Gino's Italian Escape is a firm favorite, there are many practical, easy to follow recipes and many that can easily be tweaked to accommodate the ingredients in the cupboard.

This is not a pretentious book, Gino deliberately chooses traditional Italian family cooking as the focus and the result is the opportunity for all of us to cook up great Italian inspired meals.

This is a 5 star book.


All photo's sourced as my own are photographs of the book and Gino D'Acampo owns the copyright to the book.

D'Acampo G (2013), Gino's Italian Escape, Hodder & Stoughton, Germany

D'Acampo G,

Hodder & Stouton from D'Acampo G (2013), Gino's Italian Escape, Hodder & Stoughton, Germany

© 2017 Lyn


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    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 10 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Thanks for the nice review! I am a big fan of Italian food and your well presented hub makes it all the more interesting.

      Thanks for sharing!