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Ginsing-Find, Grow and Use North America's Forest Gold

Updated on March 26, 2014

Many of the following pictures were taken from this book. They define the process of the growth of the ginseng.

Plant Ginsing seeds to add to your portfolio.

Hello, can I help you?

Being visual while consuming the fresh air through the deep shaded woods can pay off.

Don't harvest me yet. I am only one year old. I must grow three years before I can help you. I only have one set of three leaves (prong).

Ginseng finds a way to show off. It's berry ripens from the bottom up. The earlier stage resembles Poison ivy and remarkably takes on the appearance of Virginian Creeper. Poison ivy and Virginian Creeper have a tendency to grow side by side.

Here I am ready to help you. I have four prongs, four sets of five leaves. Now make sure you harvest me with care not to leave any root behind. Every part of

I cannot hide from you now. My berry attracts your attention. I am yours. I only ask that you refrain from taking my berries. Please plant them in the area around your harvest, and, please leave my young neighboring plants to grow longer. They cannot help you at this time. In order for them to be any good for your needs they must have at least three sets of leaves (prongs). Each prong has three large leaves and two smaller. Remember that if you take and rape the forest floor my family will become extinct. We have no problem giving when there is enough to give.

As if it were meant to be.

Ginsing resembles the human body. The left has been grown with man made shade canopy and the right one was grown in the wild. Each house properties far beyond our wildest dreams. Some are yin, some are yang. Asians, the major users of all varieties, prefer ginseng grown in the wild. As you can see, the ginseng root cannot tell a lie. It will let you know where it was grown by the length of its neck..

Please build me a canopy. Ginsing requires the right amount of sun and shade.

This is what Ginseng looks like when it is showing signs of stress, when it gets too much sun. If unattended and a man made canopy is not erected this Ginsing will surely die.


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