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Gluten Free Beer List

Updated on October 21, 2015

What Is Gluten Free Beer?

For those that are finding themselves dabbling into the idealism of gluten-free beer, understanding the basics is the first step. Think about the reason or reasons that attracted you to gluten free beer. Then proceed by capturing an understanding of what gluten free beer is and make a gluten free beer list that details each type of beverage.

Initially, most people are introduced to gluten free beers because of a type of allergy that they possess to gluten. The others that choose to drink gluten free beer, do so in an effort to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. Either way, it brought you to the same desire, which is to learn more about what is on the gluten free beer list.

I have a slight problem with gluten that leaves me feeling tired and sore on occasion; not too bad and I can have gluten if I am willing to put up with the feeling. My boyfriend, on the other hand, has a food allergy to gluten and gets a runny nose, cough and tiredness when he eats gluten, especially regular beer.

Gluten free beer, is exactly that, gluten free. This means that instead of barley and wheat, it contains millet, rice, buckwheat and corn. However, depending on where you are located, gluten free does not necessarily mean 100% gluten free. In some countries, a trace amount of gluten in the beer, can still classify the beer as gluten free. Then in other countries, there has to be no detectable amounts of gluten to be labeled gluten free. As you can see, this can cause a debate over what gluten free truly is. The best thing to do is to read the ingredients and the entire label to determine if the beer is right for you.

Of course, the first thing that may pop up in your mind, is the thought that healthy means lack of flavor. However, that is not always the case.

Why Do You Choose Gluten Free?

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Gluten Free Beer List

Here you will be provided with a gluten free beer list that has received raving reviews for the flavor and much more. This list is not in a particular order, this is just a descriptive list of the types of gluten free beers that prove healthy does not equal distasteful.

1. Ground Breaker previously known as Harvester Brewing- This particular beer, uses a variety of formulas to create Pale Ales, Dark Ales by using a combination of chestnuts, fruits and hops. Ground Breaker is brewed out of Portland, Oregon giving the pale ale a citrus flare, while the dark ales offers a hint of chocolate. I live in Portland and can go to their restaurant and bar and get their tasting samples. This is my boyfriend's and my favorite beer, especially the coffee flavored one if you can find it.

2. Ipswich Celia Saison- This is seen as an inspiration for many that have celiac disease, which is known as being allergic to gluten. The brewer used his wife's disease as motivation for creating this beverage with the right combination of spicy and sweet by brewing with sorghum syrup along with orange peels and Celia hops.

3. Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales- This is a type of gluten free beer that is tailored to suit the people that enjoy a refreshingly sweet flavor. This is created by using sorghum syrup, strawberry flavoring with buckwheat honey.

4. Lakefront Brewery New Grist- This particular gluten free beer, is known for being the first gluten free beer. The president Russ Klisch stumbled upon this creation by combining sorghum, rice with the taste being inspired by flavors of lemon, hay and cloves.

Two of these gluten free beers will be listed together, due to the similarities in the brewing method that is used. Estrella Damm Daura and Omission are unlike the traditional methods used by the short gluten free beer list mentioned previously. There are several ways where the similar procedures used between the two, coincidentally have matching differences from the other gluten free beers. First and fore most, in most places these two products would be considered gluten-removed versus gluten free.

A. The two formulas remove the gluten after brewing the beer verse beginning with gluten free ingredients. B. Both of these beers contain malted barley, which is what is used to remove the gluten from the beer. C. After the gluten removal process, both Estrella Damm Daura and Omission may have trace amounts of gluten, so in many locations around the world it cannot be labeled as gluten free.

Omission differs in additional ways against the other gluten free beers. Instead of containing millet, rice, buckwheat, corn or sorghum, this beer uses barley malt, hops, water and yeast. Despite having gluten containing ingredients, this product has CSA recognition, due to the intricate process involved removing the gluten. The amount of gluten that remains in this beer is less than 5 parts per million. This beer is brewed in two different locations, Portland, Oregon and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The team at Omission has been spending years of research to create the type of beer that is packed with flavor yet it uses a technique removing ingredients containing gluten.

Other gluten free beers that are considered ones that deserve a test drive, include:
1. New Planet

2. St. Peters Sorghum Beer

3. Redbridge

4. Steadfast Pale Ale

5. Glutenberg IPA

6. Brunehaut Bio Blonde

7. Bard Dragon Gold

8. Greens

Other Gluten free beers:

  • Brasserie Brunehaut bio Amber and Blonde
  • Brasserie de Silenrieux' Cuvée des Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure
  • Brunehaut Bio Tripel, Blonde and Amber
  • Drummond Gluten Free
  • Epic Glutenator
  • Glutenberg IPA:
  • hambleton ales Gluten free ale and lager
  • Joseph James Brewing Fox Tail
  • La Messagere
  • Mikkeller Gluten Free versions
  • Minhas Lazy Mutt Gluten Free
  • Mongozo Premium Pilsener
  • Nickel Brook Gluten Free
  • Nouvelle-France Messagère Aux Fruits and Red Ale
  • Plasma by Element Brewing com
  • Schnitzer Bräu
  • Schnitzer Bräu Organic Gluten-Free Millet Beers
  • To Øl Reparationsbajer Gluten Free
  • Unity Vibration Bourbon Peach American Wild Ale
  • Whistler Forager
  • Wold Top Against the Grain
  • Wold Top Marmalade Porter
  • Wold Top Scarborough Fair IPA

Most of the beers referenced in this article, have been tested not only the gluten contain but for the taste. Some beers are basically Kombucha, which is a very low alcoholic, sour beverage made from tea, that really does not taste like beer. A common concoction that is used among these gluten free beers, is one with a mixture of sweet and tart or sweet and a hint of spice. The gluten free beer list that has been provided, is just a starting point of where to begin. Acknowledging the health benefits that can be received from gluten free beer is just as important. Allowing a person with an intolerance towards gluten to be able to enjoy the taste of beer, while maintaining their gluten free diet is one benefit. Having an intolerance or sensitivity to gluten is more common than one may think. However, switching over to a gluten free beer offers less gas, lower cholesterol, higher energy levels, some even believe it leads to weight loss (not me). Some individuals claim that their work outs have improved since switching over to gluten free beer.

Individuals that suffer from Celiac disease are given the option determining whether gluten removed beers would fit in their diet. Some fear that the risk outweighs the claims that the trace amounts of gluten that may remain, might be deemed as being harmless. However, this does not mean that individuals with Celiac disease should avoid gluten removed beers and stick to gluten free beers, it is just insinuating that precautions should be taken when deciding if the possible side effects are worth taking the risk.

If you are resourceful you can even make your own gluten free beer.


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