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Gluten Free Granola A Complete Guide - Buy Tasty Granola Online

Updated on February 2, 2011


Gluten free granola is a healthy snack that can be enjoyed at breakfast or any other time of day. Here we will looks at some of the most tasty gluten free granola’s available to buy. We will also look if it’s worth using a gluten free granola recipe to make your own granola. Basically this guide will tell you everything you need to know about gluten free granola.

In recent years granola has become very popular. As a healthy tasty snack there really are few better foods. Gluten free granola has also grown in popularity due to large demand for various gluten free products. There are lots of different varieties and flavours of granola and so in this article we will be having a look at a few of the best ones. We will also look at prices and see why you should buy some of these tasty gluten free granolas.

Udi's Gluten Free Granola


There are lots of popular brands available when it comes to gluten free granola. One of the more well known ones is Udi’s. The company do a few excellent flavours such as Vanilla, Cranberry or simply Original. Udi’s is a very well known company with a good reputation so you know you are going to get a high standard of granola if you buy from them.

Udi’s use thick cut rolled oats in their granola which really makes this a good stodgy food and an excellent one to have as a breakfast cereal. The prices are quite reasonable and for around $20 you can pick up three 12 ounce bags of Udi’s. If you are new to gluten free granola then Udi’s is a good place to start, they have been making granola for a long time and are very good at it.

Bakery On Main


Another very well known name when it comes to gluten free granola is bakery on main. They have a top notch reputation when it comes to granola and they have been producing the stuff for many years. Their gluten free variety really is bursting with flavour and of course it is also very healthy. Bakery on main try and pack as much flavour into each bag of granola as possible, some of the combinations they have come up with really are mouth watering.

You tend to find that bakery on main is slightly more expensive than some of it’s competitors but as with most things you get what you pay for, they use top quality ingredients to bring you some stunning tastes. Some of the popular varieties of their granola include cranberry orange cashew, extreme fruit and nut and apple raisin walnut. You can see by the names that they really throw some interesting combinations together and while some are better than others, they all deliver a real burst of flavour.

If you are really into your granola then you will not go far wrong with bakery on main. They are certainly one of the market leaders when it comes to gluten free granola. This company comes highly recommended.

Glutenfreeda's Granola


This one certainly gets the award for the best name. Glutenfreeda’s granola is superb. Not only is it gluten free but it’s also wheat free granola so this is suitable for almost anyone. This company produces a few excellent varieties of granola and again puts together some great combinations. The products also contain flax which is high in omega 3’s and also very high in fibre. Glutenfreeda’s pride themselves on offering very healthy granola.

If you fancy trying one of these they I would recommend the cranberry cashew honey variety which really is delicious. The way the different tastes compliment each other is very impressive. There are also some other excellent flavours you can buy such as apple almond honey or raisin almond honey. Chances are you will find a variety of Glutenfreeda’s granola that you really enjoy.

There are lots of other different brand names out there that make some really good quality gluten free granola. Buying these online is a great way to stock up and as they are easily packaged they will soon be safely with you. If you are a fan of granola then you simply must try some of the wonderful flavours. Just because they are gluten free does not mean they lack when it comes to taste!


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