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Good Coffee-Bad Coffee

Updated on February 26, 2013

Good Coffee

Good Coffee
Good Coffee

Good Coffee-Bad Coffee- Latest Trends

Good Coffee-Bad Coffee- Latest Trends

It’s funny how fads go in cycles coming back years later. We are waiting to see the mini skirt, psychedelic colors, and beehive hair-dos creep back in. The coffee shop has revived becoming the hip trend giving all ages a chance to mingle, drink their favorite coffee, and share it with local musicians waiting for their big break.

Now don’t say it is only for the college crowd, because walking into a popular coffee house you will find young and old drinking it, and eating natural foods from local farms with an array of coffees for the connoisseur.

New and better things are added to coffees; from white chocolate to raspberry, and other flavored syrups. The average cost is about $2.75 for a 12 ounce cup. Coffee has become a comfort food along with green and black teas creeping in close behind.

Drive-thru restaurants have hopped onto the band wagon, you can find lattes and iced coffees for a reasonable cost, which is a delicious change from the sickening sweet milk shakes to go with those fat laden hamburgers.

There always comes bad with the good and men who consume coffee will feel a 10 percent boost in their metabolism and women about 20 percent. There are statistics showing women are less likely to conceive drinking coffee, and while pregnant they should limit their intake of caffeine. Coffee has been known to be absorbed into the placenta and babies being born have gone through withdrawal.

There is evidence that coffee depletes the body of minerals and may dehydrate you, and if you drink it try and supplement these reactions by drinking two full glasses of water.

The good thing about coffee is it has become linked to better foods in our diets such as fresh farm produce, salads, homemade breads and fresh baked desserts since most coffee houses or restaurants serving organic and specialty coffees offer both. Coffee has gone far beyond just drinking it, you can add it to dishes, which Mexican chefs have been doing for a long time.

The coffee bean has been introduced into jewelry making, so if you met your boyfriend or husband in one of these cozy coffee houses don’t be surprised on Valentine’s Day if he brings you a small box with a necklace, or bracelet with a natural coffee bean, or one cast in silver. For those of you remembering peace beads, or those that have enjoyed reading that era in history, you can compare the new coffee bean beads for sale, which are a deep rich color and processed to be waterproof for jewelry. There couldn’t be a more unique gift given to preserve a memory, then the beautiful coffee bean.

People are familiar with most facts about coffee, but have they read of the bizarre facts about coffee? Back in the days of the west coffee was put in socks and then immersed in hot water to brew their coffee.

Who would think coffee would be cause for divorce, but back in time if a Turkish groom didn’t provide his wife with coffee it was terms for a divorce. Japanese bathe in fermented pineapple and coffee beans thinking it will improve their skin and prevent wrinkles. An Arab author wrote in one of his books the first people to drink coffee was in the 9th century.

Beethoven has been found to have died from lead poisoning since he drank out of lead mugs. He was so fond of drinking his coffee he would count the beans having to have 60 in each brew. With all of these exciting facts we hope you sit back reading this article with your favorite cup of coffee.

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