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Got Allergies? Get Energy!

Updated on January 29, 2012

My Son and Peanut Butter

Its calamine lotion on his face as well
Its calamine lotion on his face as well

Your Face Looks Terrible!!

When I had found out that my son was allergic to peanuts, I was extremely disappointed. Knowing that there is so many things he won't be able to enjoy was saddening for me. I also thought it was weird that he could enjoy his Almond milk everyday and had eaten tofu regularly when he was younger. Regardless I was disappointed when the one day my husband had smeared a small amount of peanut butter inside my boys mouth and found shortly after he had broken out in bumps and his voice sounded harsh. So we smeared him with calamine lotion and played with him, constantly making him laugh and have fun so he would not focus on what pain or itching he could possibly be going through. Which I must say worked. So since that day I've bought Wowbutter (the peanut free peanut butter) and now he enjoys that and I'm telling you it tastes pretty damn close to peanut butter..its shocking.

A Cure??!! REALLY!

Through all of my researching I had eventually encountered a wonderful personal story about one man trials through allergies. It goes into extreme detail and is terribly long. But a great read non-the-less.
New 24-Hour Allergy Cure

After reading the above links long..yet interesting story of ones path to becoming allergy-free, I had researched Allergy Clinics in my own area. I had found one in Calgary Alberta, that I have yet to contact.
Calgary Allergy Clinic: Allergy Elimination Therapy

Energy healing is a natural way of healing, it is non-invasive. An Allergy Elimination technique works by removing energy blockages in our bodies that cause us to react to substances, they will check for these energy blockages by doing muscle testing. For example, if your allergic to peanuts, they will use a vial that has a peanut substance in it. If they put that vial in your hand the blockage of energy will produce weak muscles. They then test your muscle by pushing on your arm to test your muscle strength, if its weak then it needs to be treated. Obviously if its not weak it doesn't need to be treated. Treatment will involve you holding your vial of basically what your allergic too while they stimulate points on your back. Which connects the nervous system between the brain and your organs. This stimulating part reprograms the body and removes the blockages to the item.

What Could it Hurt?

For anybody else out there, like my son, who is being robbed of the things they enjoy or the things they think they will never try because of an allergy. Energy healing is definitely an option to at least give a try, what could it hurt if you do try? You'll be able to eat or drink all those things you at one point couldn't??! That really doesn't sound that bad to me. Although I am not one with an allergy, it is my son that is robbed from eating peanuts. So as a mother I want to do anything in my power for him to enjoy his life the best he can. Although I am just talking about how energy healing can help rid you of allergies, if you do your research you will find it can help with so many other things as well.

Live and Learn



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