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Great Baby Shower Cakes and Cupcakes Ideas

Updated on June 14, 2011
Zoo Animals Edible Cake Stickers
Zoo Animals Edible Cake Stickers | Source
Baby Shower themed edible Cake Stickers
Baby Shower themed edible Cake Stickers

Great Baby Shower Cakes and Cupcake Ideas

So you are in charge of another Baby Shower... while we love planning and executing a Baby Showers for our friends and family, it can be quite costly for all the party favors, gifts, food, presents, and of course the main attraction the cake. You want a really cute cake to go along with the party theme so you contact your local bakery to find out the special cake you want can cost hundreds of dollars. Maybe the money is in your budget but it would be way better spent on gifts for the baby. Edible Cake Stickers are the answer!

Cake Stickers are amazing, they will jazz up any cake, cupcake, and all your favorite treats quickly and easily. You can choose from many lovely themed prints or send your own print, photo, drawing, or message and have a customized edible cake sticker (also known as Photo Cakes) made for you at no extra charge. These are the same edible imaged sheets that are provided to bakeries so they can make high end looking deserts. You can make your own amazing cakes and treats for a fraction of the cost.

You simply peel and place Cake Stickers on your frosted cake, cupcake or treat! Everyone can do it, no experience as a cake decorator is needed. If you don't have time to bake a cake or cookies, purchase them from your local grocery store and adorn them with Cake Stickers.

Best of all is the pride you feel when you present your beautiful treats. Everyone will be amazed you made them! You and your party will be the talk of the town.

The three most popular prints this year is zoo animals, zebra print, and baby ducks. Fill Your Heart Edible Memories has a nice selection of these popular baby shower Cake Sticker prints as well as many more designs selling for only $10.95 with FREE SHIPPING. You can adorn 12 cupcakes for less than $1.00 each! At that price you will be able to create all sorts of festive treats, it's all up to your imagination.

Baby Shower themed edible Cake Stickers
Baby Shower themed edible Cake Stickers
Baby Shower themed edible Cake Stickers
Baby Shower themed edible Cake Stickers


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