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Easy Fajita Recipes and Ideas

Updated on March 8, 2012

It's all in the way you cook 'em

Fajitas, (some simply call them wraps) are a favorite recipe in my house. Easy to make, inexpensive, easy to clean up after and fast. Fajitas are an easy recipe to modify too. Just about whatever you have laying around can go in the fajita pan. And, although the traditional main ingredient is skirt steak, you can make them with any meat, with fish or even vegetarian. Around my house we will even make a breakfast fajita using sausage, onion and eggs.

Now I know, if you're not using skirt steak you're not really making fajitas and some of what we call fajitas are really something else. But in the interest of keeping things simple and relevant to one article, please forgive me for using the fajita name a bit loosely. If I can put up with Yankees cooking chicken on the grill and calling it BBQ, I hope others will tolerate my transgressions.

The fajita is a great camping recipe as well. Since when camping you want an easy but tasty recipe, the fajita is perfect. Use fresh fish from the river or lake and you'll have a meal you'll talk about for years.

My favorite thing about cooking fajitas is that it quickly becomes a family event. I prefer cooking them outside in a discada on a propane burner. We all sit around the pan cooking and eating, its great for getting the family together or when you have friends over.

You can cook fajitas in a regular skillet, cast iron griddle, wok, or my favorite, a discada sometimes called a Southwest Plow Disc Cooker. You can cook fajitas on the stovetop, the grill or an open fire. All you need is a cook surface hot enough to sear meat and big enough to hold the ingredients.

The recipe used most in my house begins with either skirt steak or another inexpensive beef cut sliced into thin strips against the grain, soaked in Worcestershire sauce for an hour and seasoned with salt and pepper. The meat goes into the hot discada or wok for a quick sear to get that great caramelized flavor, tossed maybe 3-5 minutes and then removed to a waiting plate. Next I'll melt 4-5 pats of butter into the pan and in go onions, bell peppers and tomatoes that have been sliced into strips. I'll cook these down until the onions are limp and starting to brown, then drain the liquid and throw the meat back in for a few more minutes.

While everything is in the pan, I'll throw some flour tortillas in the microwave if I'm at home or just on top of the discada if I'm camping or cooking on the patio with friends. Wrap your filling in a tortilla, top with sour cream, avocado, cilantro, hot sauce, cheese, veggies, fresh mango or pineapple, whatever you like, and eat up.

That's all there is to a tasty, quick and easy recipe for the family's dinner.

For a twist, use chicken, fish, shrimp in place of, or with the red meat. Sometimes I'll add veggies like carrots, potatoes, sweet peas, corn, beans, really anything I have out in the garden or laying around the kitchen. When I'm in the mood to really cook I might start playing with spices like Cumin, Rosemary, Ginger, all varieties of Peppers, Fennel and anything else in the spice cabinet.

My breakfast fajita is a favorite of my 4 year old daughter and me. Being Southern, we often eat breakfast for dinner and this is an easy way to do that. It starts with venison sausage cooked and crumbled up in the discada. I remove the sausage, drain what little oil is there and fry eggs sunny side-up to lightly runny with a little black pepper and cilantro. Then I lay an egg on a small tortilla, top with sausage, a little shredded sharp cheddar and serve. My Son prefers bacon to sausage and you can use regular pork sausage, there's just more grease to drain. My Wife prefers I scramble the eggs and add onions or scallions with a little Tabasco.

So give fajitas a try sometime, it's one dish your family will not get tired of.


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