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Cute and Creative Ways to Wrap, Package and Label Desserts and Baked Goods Using Household Items

Updated on March 23, 2013

The other day I baked some cookies to give to some friends and family and was trying to figure out a cute way to wrap them up. I was sick of the tired old cellophane bag with a bow tied at the top, and decided to research a few crafty and creative ways to package small deserts. I've found three really amazing and innovative ways to make inexpensive home made treats look like you bought them from a bakery.


Cupcakes in a Jar!

This is a really neat idea. You can't wrap your cupcakes per say, you bake them into the wrapping! I had seen those cute gift ideas with Mason jars filled with the dry ingredients for various baked goods, but never actual baked cakes inside of them. Also, you can keep them fresh much longer by screwing on the lid to the jar! If you aren't interested in doing a rainbow cupcake, I'm sure any kind of cake mix will look just as lovely (I'm imagining how great a red velvet cake would look in one of those right now). Here's a link to a guide on how to make the Mason jar cupcakes


Card Stock Stapled Labels

I knew this one was feasible to do, of course-- it's so simple! Take clear cellophane bags, dump your small, sweet treat into it, and then use personally designed card stock labels, fold them over the cellophane and staple it together. This really is a cool idea, this way makes your baked goods look like they're from your own bakery! If you don't have the photoshop prowess some have, there are plenty of labels available online. For an in depth tutorial on how to make these cute bags, click here.

If a kitty can fit in a Pringles can, then so can cookies!
If a kitty can fit in a Pringles can, then so can cookies! | Source

Pringles Can Cookie Jar

I heard about this little crafty piece of information surfing through some internet forums. I haven't tried this myself, so unfortunately I don't have an awesome picture of the finished product, but this seems fool-proof. To make, take an empty Pringles can, wash it out (of course), then take some pretty contact paper and smooth it all around the can. You can add a "Cookies" label to the can if you like by putting a strip of a different colored contact paper horizontally around the can. I think this is an incredibly ingenious idea, because it's so cheap! It's a great way to recycle what used to be trash into a home made cookie jar. And the cookies stack right on top of each other just like Pringles chips!

Which method of packaging is your favorite?

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    • noosepaper profile image

      Caitlin Morrow 5 years ago from Birmingham, AL

      Thank you! I think the glass would be safe from cracking for 350 degrees, similar to other glassware in the oven. Although, mason jars might have thinner glass and might break easier. I've also seen recipes for pies and lasagna inside mason jars!

    • Argonaut Jess profile image

      Jessica Salmon 5 years ago from Newcastle Upon Tyne

      Im intregued by the cupcake in a jar, Il be a little concerned it might crack in the oven, (would it?) However as a rainbow cupcake maker I approve of the whimsy! Bravo!

    • noosepaper profile image

      Caitlin Morrow 5 years ago from Birmingham, AL

      Oh wow! I haven't heard of that but that sounds like an awesome idea! And a good way to recycle cd cases. Thank you for sharing that!

    • nikkiraeink profile image

      nikkiraeink 5 years ago from So. Cal.

      Have you seen large cookies in cd jackets? A cute way to label cookies and give them as gifts.