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Greek pitta parcels recipe

Updated on December 26, 2016
Greek pitta parcel
Greek pitta parcel

Greek pitta parcels

Pitta bread is a brilliant 'container' for lunchtime snacks. It's strong, easy to pack and holds it's shape, particularly in children's hands. This filing is simplicity itself and gives you protein from the hummus and falafel, plus vitamin C from the tomatoes. (Makes 4)

Wholemeal mini pitta breads: 4

Hummus: about 200g

Cherry tomatoes: 4, halved

Gherkins: 2, large, sliced

Falafel: 4

Split the pitta breads almost in half lengthways and spread the bottom halves with the hummus / Layer on the tomatoes and gherkins / Add the falafel and close the parcels / Wrap in foil for a lunchtime takeaway.

Babies will love chewing on the pitta bread, especially if they're teething, but the filling has too much fibre -  and they probably won't like the taste of it anyway.


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