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What's Cookin' Today - Banana Green Smoothie

Updated on January 11, 2015
5 stars from 3 ratings of Banana Green Smoothie

I think everyone is always looking for a breakfast or snack option that is quick, satisfying and healthy. This smoothie tastes like dessert, has only four ingredients and contains an incredible amount of nutrition. Try it!

I want to start out by saying this recipe is written for two 8-10 oz servings. I'm actually giving my whole family a four ounce snack this morning. If you want just one full serving, you will need to divide the ingredient list in half.

We're going to put four ingredients in your blender. The first is two cold bananas. Yes, you heard me right. A cold banana has a slightly firmer consistency and helps chill your smoothie.

Throw your bananas in the fridge overnight or even the the freezer for a few minutes before making the smoothie.

Add the cold bananas to your blender.

The next ingredient is milk, and there are so many milk options. I'm using unsweetened vanilla almond milk, but go with your preference. You will need about 2 1/2 cups in the blender.

Then comes the protein powder. I'm using a vanilla plant-based variety. The amount will vary depending on your protein powder of choice. My package-instructed serving size is '2 scoops'. I prefer 1 scoop per serving, so for my double batch I will use 2 scoops.

Why is it green, why is it green, why is it green? Has that been running through your mind?

Our secret ingredient is kale. Kale is one of those vegetables that has an extremely high nutritional value that you should try to eat regularly. (Can you imagine getting your children to eat veggies for breakfast? I'll share my other tricks another time.)

Kale gives the smoothie that lovely light green color, and you can't taste it at all.

I used quite a bit in this smoothie, so it has a pretty high saturated green color. Start out with a little less in your first smoothie, and you can increase the amount the more you make this drink.

Add two handfuls of chopped kale into the blender.

Now blend away. You'll want to blend long enough to make sure your kale is completely chopped up and the entire drink is smooth.

Try to blend it long enough so you don't have any little pieces of kale intact.
Try to blend it long enough so you don't have any little pieces of kale intact.
This is what it should look like.
This is what it should look like.

Pour and enjoy!

I really think you'll be surprised at how this smoothie tastes like a banana milkshake but is so healthy for you at the same time.

Cook Time

Prep time: 5 min
Ready in: 5 min
Yields: Two 8-10 ounce servings


  • 2 Cold bananas
  • 2 1/2 cups Milk, any variety
  • Protein powder
  • 2 handfuls Chopped kale
  1. Add all ingredients to the blender.
  2. Blend until the kale has been completely processed and the drink is smooth.


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    • Michelle-Williams profile image

      Michelle W 3 years ago

      GibsonGirl - Protein powder gives you a couple of benefits in the smoothie. It helps thicken it to a nice consistency, it gives it some sweetness and flavor (I used a vanilla one) and it provides quite a boost of protein and nutrition. You can find so many different varieties in the store. I would recommend one that is made from plant proteins or a plant/whey combination. Everyone seems to get enough soy from other sources, that I would stay away from adding more to your diet with a soy based protein powder.

      For banana substitutes there are quite a few choices. Bananas provide a nice mild flavor and add a creamy thickness to the smoothie. Mango or peaches will do pretty much the same but with a much stronger flavor. I would go with the frozen variety for a nice chilled smoothie.

      For a milder taste but same consistency, you can use some avocado or tofu. You might need to add a little honey or some berries to boost the sweetness and flavor.

      I tend to stay away from adding peanut butter to my smoothies, as that stickiness changes the consistency too much for me. But the new peanut butter powder that is available would give you a great flavor, and it comes in a peanut butter chocolate combo! This with the avocado or tofu would work nicely.

      I have also heard that oats can add the same thickness as banana and give you a nice hearty smoothie. This is something I plan on experimenting with soon.

      Hope that helps!

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 3 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Looks delicious! When I get a blender, I'll try it out someday.

    • Gibs0nGirl profile image

      Gibs0nGirl 3 years ago

      Tell me more about this protein powered. Can I use something other than bananas? (Allergic to Bananas and carrots.) :)