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Grilled butter bread new style?

Updated on April 7, 2016

According to the share of the top nutrition experts, the most logical answer which is yogurt. This may sound at first but then the singularity entirely. Like butter, yogurt is creamy, proceeding to the surface and can certainly make you happy. With soothing taste, it would be a layer of whipped cream covered perfectly.

Any food trends would also be doing right and wrong. To create a delicious sour milk toast, here's what you should do:

First, prepare a quality bread. Obviously, you need something to cover the above. A special simple gut drive gear cost $ 7 on the market is the choice but use Ezekiel bread is also a bad idea.

When there was bread, sew the next you have to make sure to choose a type of yogurt, match rich in flavor. Would you like to have a layer of fluffy yogurt covered the surface of bread to neutralize with the brittle dryness of the bread. The best you should use yogurt instead of the Greek sugar less sugar or no sugar.
Next, you should consider about the topping. Unlike bread butter grilled just sprinkled a little sea salt, milk and toast requires more than flavor. Some ideas include:

+ dream crushed seeds and sprinkle soy source, chopped a lot honey
+ Sliced apples, sunflower seeds and cinnamon
+ Raspberry crushed candy and chopped ginger
+ sliced cucumber, black sesame seeds and Sriracha
+ beans, chopped green onions and lemon juice
+ beets, sliced black olives and orange peel
+ thin chopped mango, cashew nuts and pepper

Finally the finished photo shoot of you and post it on Instagram to become the leader in your friends list. Surely toast yogurt dishes do you manually do will be very great.


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