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Grilling, A Male Type Of Bonding.

Updated on August 13, 2017

Men and Their Grill

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Bond....Male Bond

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My Theory On Why Men Love To Grill

Women love to bond with shopping. A day at the mall, window shopping, going into almost all the clothing and shoes stores possible. Grab a cup of Starbucks coffee to refuel, then off to more stores. This is the typical girls day out. Women love to shop and can spend an entire day or more enjoying this hobby. And when a big sale is happening, well it is like a piece of heaven to buy more for less. Men on the other hand have a different more masculine way to bond. It is more of a relaxing way to bond. But it is also very rewarding.

Grilling is basically “cooking for men.” Now I know women can grill as well and some are very great at it. Most men love to eat meat. And what is better than a great thick steak or juicy barbeque chicken grilling on an open flame? But its more than just getting the meat done. Grilling gives men time to bond. I have had my share of barbeques and most of the time the women are inside talking about clothes, work or other things while men are outside huddled around the barbeque pit or grill, slamming back a cold one and just talking about sports, life and other things as well. I realize this may sound a bit sexist, but in my experience one of the main reasons men love to grill is because it gives men time to bond and get a bit of time away from the lady folks or kids.

Every time my parents invite me over for dinner it is usually something that has to be grilled. I love to grill and so does my dad. This gives my dad and I time to just catch up on things. A couple of beers, a nice meal grilling on the barbeque pit and sometimes a cigar. This is also very relaxing. Every time we do this, we end up talking about life and ideas that we have on certain topics. While my mom and sister are inside preparing rest of the dinner, the men are outside having conversations that always bring us closer. I enjoy grilling because it always gives me a chance to just talk with my pops. It may be about certain issues or just plain useless jabber, but in that little sanctuary around the grill, my dad and I can just talk away about anything and everything. I always feel better when we have our talks. We have the same personalities so pretty much we are always on the same page of the conversations. We normally take time grilling so we have more time to bond. No sense in rushing a good opportunity to bond. So in theory, I really do think that grilling is much more then just cooking meat with fire, it's what keeps us men closer together.


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    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 5 years ago from Louisiana, USA

      That is awesome. Any woman who loves to grill is a keeper in my book. Yeah, being an Eagle Scout any chance I get to cook on an open flame I am all for it.

    • Mama Kim 8 profile image

      Sasha Kim 5 years ago

      Interesting ^_^ the men in my life bond over video games and I'm the one that grills in my family. I love to see men cooking and if you need to do it outside over an open fire... I'm all for it! nice hub.