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How to Cook Pork Chops

Updated on January 26, 2011

There is an art to Grilling meats of different kinds those who don’t say it is so then need to read because if not done right you could have bad tasting meat. Since man was created they have cooked over open flames there is just something about the smell of raw tender meat cooking that fills our nostrils that brings out the cave man in us. One of the hardest meats to cook just right is Pork chops so let’s take a look at how to get the perfect pork chop off your grill.


First you need the perfect pork chops, not the really thin kind that the supermarket sells but actually go to a certified butcher and grab the best. If you get boneless or not both are worthy of the fiery death that awaits them

The object of Pork Chops fresh from the grill is that you want them juicy and the brine well tendered on it. If you like to add additional flavor for the chops you are coking letting them sit into a water mixture can actually increase their size by almost 10%. Letting them juice in a small water mixture prior to grilling will allow them to remain a lot juicier when you are ready to serve them. There perfect brine solution is to use the following.

1.       One cup salt (for every gallon of water)

2.       Seasoning of your choice ( I like Italian seasoning mixed with it)

3.       Leave pork chops 12-16 hours in the solution in the fridge.

Being naturally salty don’t leave them for more than the above allotted time it can make them too salty I find that 12 hours is plenty for most pork chops. Of course the thicker the pork chops are the better.

Grilling the pork chops is an art make sure you have a thermometer and set your grill cooking temperature to as close to 450 degrees that you can get it. Depending on if you are using propane or briskets. After getting your grill to the perfect temperature lay the pork chops on there and close the lid. Let the pork chops heat for approximately 2 minutes and then rotate them 45 degrees. Close the lid again and let them cook for another 2 min. Then rotate them again another 45 degrees.

Then every 2 minutes make sure you keep rotating the meat on the grill until you see the pork chops cooked through to about the middle. If you use a small knife you can then slice a small cut in the center to check and then when they are about half way flip them over and use the brine you had them in before to keep the juices in and then proceed to rotate them again every 2 min until done.

The best taste in pork chops is of course when the temperature is just right after rotating and flipping a thermometer is very useful at this point. Us the thermometer to check and make sure the chops are about 155 degrees.

Serve and Enjoy!


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  • De Greek profile image

    De Greek 7 years ago from UK

    Try soaking them in wine :-)