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Grilling Ribeye Steak - still Somewhat Thick

Updated on September 7, 2020

Preheating the grill is key. I have an electric grill. There are five settings on it. I believe that the numbers are significant in that if you have it on a 5, it heats to 500 degrees,4 heats in the 400 degree range, 3 heats in the 300 degree range, etcetera.

After you have let the grill warm up for 10 minutes, the steak is placed in the middle of the grate. You will hear noise as you set it down. Close the lid, and time it for 10 minutes. Flip the steak over, and close the lid. Do not disturb it for at least 7 minutes. Then, look at see how it looks. At seven minutes, the juices coming out of the steak will be bubbling out more clear.

Classifications of cooking times:

  • rare
  • medium
  • well done
  • burnt to a crisp

Rare, to most, is when if you cut the meat, there is still quite a bit of red, uncooked meat. I have known some that want their steak so rare, that you would swear you hear a faint mooing sound as the fork pierces the meat.

Medium, to most, is when the steak has a small amount of pink in the center, the edges are browned, and there is a slight amount of charring on the edges.

Well done, to most, is when the steak is done on the outside, the inside is a consistent grey color, There is no blood dripping, the juices are almost clear, that steak is completely and thoroughly cooked. It may be hard to chew. Smile.

thawed, perhaps a little cold yet.
thawed, perhaps a little cold yet.
this is cut thick
this is cut thick
on plate
on plate
I like to use Lawry's
I like to use Lawry's
sprinkle across surface
sprinkle across surface
steak on
steak on
temperature of grill at this point is 450 degrees F
temperature of grill at this point is 450 degrees F
ten minutes, flip over
ten minutes, flip over
temperature of grill may drop slightly as door has been opened
temperature of grill may drop slightly as door has been opened

After ten minutes, I flip the steak over. The bottom has lines where it touched the grill.That is what you want. Apparently, you are doing something called searing when you put your steak on the hot grill, and it 'seals' the bottom of the steak, so when you finally flip it over, it will have formed a hard coating to keep all your juices inside the slab.

Then, it's just a matter of time, to cook your steak to the desired done ness. If you were to cut open your steak at this point, you would be greeted with a solid wall of red meat. The first ten minutes affects the outside, mostly.

Then, every five minutes on second side sets your internal cooking composition. I like my medium well done, so sevenish minutes was plenty. When some people cook, they select a particular steak as a victim. They will cut pieces off that steak to see how the inside is doing, and to what degree it has cooked. Many of those kind of people, stand by the grill, slicing off pieces of steak, and that piece is pretty well consumed by the time they finish cooking all the pieces.

I'm one of those type of people... sometimes.


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