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Self-Sufficient Living-Grind your own flour, corn, coffee, and even make peanut butter with the GrainMaker ™

Updated on May 10, 2013

You can grind everything from small grains to large grains, oily seeds, coffee beans, nuts, legumes, rice and dehydrated foods.

People decide to grind their own grains and flours for a variety of reasons. Some because of health conditions who cannot afford to have other ingredients used in store bought mixes. Some have decided to go all natural worried about the pesticides and chemicals being used in commercial grain production, while others are seeking to move to a more self-sustainable, self-sufficient back-to-basics lifestyle.

Have you ever decided to purchase a product, only to decide at the last minute a less expensive alternative will fit your needs and then later wished you had just bought the better product to begin with?

We have all encountered this scenario and before we realize it the time to return for full credit has passed. We still end up getting the one we wanted and taking the other off to Goodwill or selling it for a fraction of what we paid for it.

The GrainMaker ™ grain mill is a great example. When people decide they want to grind their own flour many look at the price tag and think it is just too much and then end up buying a less expensive imported grain grinder. The GrainMaker ™ is American made since 1999; companies just don’t stay in business with the highest price unless it is of the highest quality and value.

The GrainMaker ™ is absolutely the "King of Grain Mill Grinders" and is probably $200 more expensive than the Country Living Grain Mill. However when you start comparing the features to even the closest competitors you will realize why the GrainMaker ™ is considered the King.

The GrainMaker ™comes with all the bells and whistles that others make optional add-ons, plus it will do so much more in the kitchen that would require separate appliances, plus it will also crack corn to make your own animal feed and bird seeds.

The GrainMaker ™ will grind one cup of flour per minute and it will do so with just one pass. Others take almost twice as long, and then may take several more passes to reach the fine powder flour needed for baking.

Once you use the GrainMaker ™ for the first time you will quickly realize the extra price tag is well worth the one time investment. Not only will the Grain Maker cut the time in half of grinding your grain into fine flour on the first pass, the quality will keep on grinding long after the others go to the scrap yard.

The manufacture is so confident in the GrainMaker® mill they offer a lifetime warranty and full 30-day money-back guarantee.

The GrainMaker ™ heavy duty construction provides the self-sufficient home kitchen with a commercial grade quality appliance. Compared to other commercial grade appliances the GrainMaker ™ is really bargain priced. The GrainMaker ™ also comes in two sizes the model #99 is ideal for the average home, while the larger model #116 works great for large families, shared with several families or even used in a small bakery and coffee shop, not only will it grind the grain it does great with the coffee beans.

Just the other day we visited a sustainable village shop. Side by side they have the GrainMaker ™ next to one of its leading competitors. This was the first time that we have been able to compare the two side by side. We could see the GrainMaker ™ was built using all metal while the competitor used aluminum with an optional plastic hopper. After talking to the shop manager we asked about how well the GrainMaker ™ did in sales for them. He quickly told us that they sell more of the GrainMaker ™ simply because when people see it next to the other one, and then experiment with the two; they quickly realize the GrainMaker ™ is their best choice.

You can purchase the GrainMaker ™ at

Cottage Craft Works is a back-to-basics general store providing old time products and equipment to those seeking to live a more self-sufficient and self-sustainable culture lifestyle. You can see all the self-sufficient and self-reliant products at


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