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Growers Champagne Leave Only the Serving Suggestion to the Consumer

Updated on March 26, 2014

Grower’s champagne is a unique type of champagne whose production is tenderly cared for through every stage of its production, the only thing left to chance is the way it is served. Grower champagne are producers champagne growers who unlike most of the ‘major’ high street brands own the vineyard the grapes are grown on and oversee personally the production process from grape to direct door to door delivery of their special wine.

Grapes are grown, picked and processed all at a time determined by the champagne producers say so. Sales of champagne are available online and door to door delivery ensures the sparkling wine reaches the customer under perfectly controlled conditions the only thing left to chance by these proud producers is the way you serve the champagne.

Champagne Serving Temperature Is Critical

The only thing left to chance the only thing that could potentially ruin this unique experience is the way the champagne is served. So what is the perfect way to serve champagne? Clearly champagne is best cooled but how do you reach the perfect temperature and who says what the perfect temperature is anyway? Well experts say the perfect temperature is 7⁰ C or 43⁰ F - 48⁰ F. how can this optimum temperature be achieved? A favourite method is a bucket of half water, half ice; for approximately 20-30 minutes or in a refrigerator for 3-4 hours.

Choose Your Champagne Glass With Care

The glass is important as well and despite some trendy deviations there is an optimum glass to serve champagne, that has been carefully delivered direct to your door from your chosen champagne grower’s vineyard. There have been several attempts to buck the trend in terms of glasses, the saucer shaped glass was an imposter and should have never have been considered as it does nothing to enhance the experience of champagne drinking and would have never have been approved by specialist growers. The tall flute is in fact the best way to drink champagne. The tall glass guide the flow of bubbles to the top of the glass, this concentrates the bouquet of the wine and adds to the experience.

Having gone to the trouble of having quality champagne delivered direct to the door of your home it would seem remiss to not complete the experience with care and dedication that befits the rest of the production process. Temperature and glass choice are important and there are some rules that can be broken but they really should not. Best advice is to serve grower champagne in the traditional way.


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