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Guide to Frankenfood (Genetically Modified Food)

Updated on February 22, 2015


What is it? "Food" that has been genetically modified or contained such organisms.

Why do they modify our food? To make it cheaper. For example, quality American fish is sold all over the world for high prices. Americans like cheap food and so most fish sold in the USA is imported from other countries with little or no inspection or tracing of sources or identification of species (something called crab may not be crab) or removal of foodstuffs doused with toxic water (like in China) or properly labelled. It may contain GMO's.


“All we want is a simple label

For the food that's on our table.”

How do you protect yourself?

How do you protect yourself when you can't trust your government? How do you protect yourself when you can't trust the "agribusinesses" that do "industrial farming" and regard your food the same way they regard they regard the air, the creeks, the rivers, the ocean, and the soil in which your food is grown -- they dump poison in it?

In nearly every country except the United States, foods with GMO's have to be labelled by law.


Should you care about what is in your baby's food?

Should you care about what is in your older children's food?

Should you care about what is in your food?

Do you want to deal with strange illnesses?

Do you want to deal with high medical bills?

Do you want to orphan your children?

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. | Source

GMO Labeling

GMO labeling was dealt a blow at the polls this past Election Day. The Grocery Manufacturers Association (in league with the devil) praised unsuspecting naïve Washington State voters for rejecting GMO labeling that would have identified products with genetically engineered ingredients. A lot of money was pumped into the state by Monsanto and other evil companies to confuse trusting voters unaware of the effects of GMO's on the human body. These corporations, more interested in profit than safety, are determined to shove poison down the throats of gullible American consumers and of poor people in famine-struck Third World countries where this crap is dumped at giveaway prices. That's the bad news.

The good news is that some health food and organic food supermarket chains are requiring GMO labeling anyway or they won't stock an item because it might contain Frankenfood ingredients. The whole reason that their customers shop there is to avoid GMO's, poison, and other food tampering.

Why Don't They Want It Labeled?

  1. Because they are ashamed of the truth.
  2. Because they don't think you have the right to know what's in your food.
  3. Because you might be allergic to GMO's and they do not want to be sued.
  4. Because they are liars.
  5. Because they want to make _ALL_ (as in 100%) foods GMO.
  6. Because they are afraid you might not eat it.
  7. Because they are against freedom of choice.

Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO's - Full Movie

"Bringing Home the Bacon"

If you are a father, then you "bring home the bacon". If you are a mother, then you probably serve your family food. If you are a parent, then you shop for food.

What are you really buying at the grocery store? What are you really serving your loved ones? It is all in the ingredients.

Of course, if you are an indulgent and careless parent and your child screams for sugar-frosted sugar cubes on the cereal aisle, and you say: "If you promise to shut up, I'll buy it but the box is more nutritious than the contents in it." Well if you are such a parent, then you should not even be reading this Hub Page. You are probably dealing with a hyperactive child bouncing off the walls. Hyperactive because they are not on a Feingold Diet.

The Sick Story of GMO - Genetically Engineered Food - People As Lab Rats

What We Need: Ways to Identify GMO Ourselves

When the poison-peddling artificial food makers and the arrogant greedy corporations that own them fight food labeling and when the government does the will of Satan and lets them, who you gonna call?

No, not ghost busters. You depend on yourself --

  • there is probably an app for that on your mobile device
  • if not, use a hand scanner connected to an eco-database
  • look for the name of certain companies such as a subsidiary of Monsanto
  • talk to other health food consumers who read anti-GMO magazines to learn what products to avoid
  • shop at a health food store or organic grocery or natural supermarket and go to the manager and look them direct in the eye and ask if there are any GMO-infected fake foods in the store and if you think that they are lying, say so or you'll take your business elsewhere.
  • if all else fails, obtain seeds certified genetic engineering free and grow your own food and do not be downwind of a large farm or your garden will be genetically polluted
  • you have power, use it !

How To Identify GMO-Free Food NOT Looking At Labels

Oh for the days of Dr. David Kessler

If you don't know or don't remember, Dr. David Kessler was a rock star. He was a great FDA Commissioner. It is rare for a government official to be popular among the people but he was one of the good guys who fought for us. Not perfect (no one is) but you knew he did his level best to see that Americans had safe food and drugs.

George W. Bush Jr. (and Reagan before him) let the foxes guard the chicken house. We are now in the post-Dubya era where weasels are sucking the eggs used to develop vaccines and the eggs themselves are full of so many chemicals that even Wal-Mart sells organic eggs in addition to the more dangerous type of eggs -- at least at the Wal-Mart near me.

If you cannot get inexpensive natural, organic, or health foods where you live, then consider alternatives like --

  • a community garden -- many urban areas have no green grocers or fresh produce because the big box stores do not care about minorities and would prefer that poor people become obese (so that they can ridicule them), diabetic and prone to coronaries stuffing their faces with trans-fats, salty pork rinds, white sugar and other junk food
  • joining the Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) -- I am not an Adventist myself but I admire their wisdom in seeking healthy food for the body which is supposed the temple of God (non-Christians who read my stuff know by now that I occasionally mention my faith but that I aim to serve them as well with quality information). The SDA Church has its own mills and sources and they will sell to non-Adventists if you approach them with respect.

Turning from food to drugs, here are some suggestions for obtaining non-tainted medicinals --

  • Consider obtaining your prescriptions from countries with higher standards than the USA.
  • If you are on a dozen different drugs, then you are on the fast track to the grave because of all the drug interactions. Often, this is the result of having several specialists, none of whom bothers to communicate with each other because they simply do not care what the other doctors are prescribing. Ask your primary physician to review every drug that you take and reduce the total number to under six. Under three if you can swing it.
  • You simply need to exercise, drink lots of pure water, eat for nutrition instead of for comfort carbs, sleep without snoring, meditate (biofeedback), and do the right thing instead of waiting until your doctor orders you to do so. Most doctors will not tell you quit smoking or drinking. None will warn you about white sugar. Not one.
  • Stop popping over the counter drugs that require no prescription but will screw up your body.
  • Stop taking illegal drugs.
  • Stop taking legal drugs like sucrose, nicotine, caffeine and alcohol.
  • Stop pressuring your Doctor Feelgood to give you more drugs or the gimmick drug you saw on TV (when did you go to medical school?) that has all the warnings ("side effects include sudden death") because most doctors are cynical b*stards who reason that they will get paid regardless if you croak and will gladly write a prescription for poison if that will shut you up.
  • The Latter Day Saints (Mormons) have the right idea -- avoid drugs to the maximum extent possible.
  • Do not carry a suspicion of modern health advances out to the extremes of the Christian Scientists or the Old Order Amish. That said, faith healing has a place in alternative medicine and in Native American ceremonies but don't drink poison like certain Appalachians (the coal companies and frakkers are supplying all the poison you need). The not-so-strict Amish take advantage of modern health care.
  • If your doctor fits the bad description in one of the bullets above, then switch to a preventive medicine specialist. They are rare in the USA but well worth the effort to track down. Before China began its romance with pollution at 1948 Donora levels, physicians in China were expected to keep you healthy. If you got sick, you would fire the doctor and find someone else. In the West, the middle class only sees the doctor when they are sick and thereby incentivize the doctor to keep one sick so that they can pay off their medical school loan or buy a new mansion. The poor go one step worse and only see a doctor when they end up in the Emergency Room.
  • If you cannot find a preventive medicine specialist, then find a Naturopath or ND. One third of all US states license Naturopaths. This gives peace of mind.
  • Osteopaths or DO's are often mistaken for MD's because they are so similar.
  • Chiropractics are great if you have a bad back or a bad neck and if you get a good one. However, chiropractic training is weeks instead of the years of MD's and if you are hurt by one you have less recourse than if an MD hurts you. Remember that you are trusting your body to them.
  • Some homeopaths will have studied for decades while others will be self-taught. Without the consistency and regulation that you have with MD's, DO's and ND's, homeopaths are down there with the chiropractics in terms of rigour of education. On the other hand, the FDA is right in saying that the doses of medicine are too small to do harm.

Do your research before you explore herbalism. Herbalists who were raised by herbalists and have knowledge passed down from generations know considerably more than Johnny come late-lys. The Amazon Indians are amazingly healthy for a reason. They use the whole jungle as their supermarket and hospital and their old men stay physically active well into their seventies and older when Americans are shoved into old folks homes to rot away in neglect and no visits by "family".

The other people who know something about herbs are ethnobotanists who often work for pharmaceutical companies. At this point, the pharmaceutical labs isolate one chemical compound and purify out all else (some of which make make the compound work safely). The worst pharma companies, in one view, make designer drugs out of industrial chemicals with nothing taken from Nature. This approach leads to your next-door neighbour cooking up designer drugs to sell to the kiddies just like that monster on Breaking Bad and people stockpiling Sudafed and meth labs blowing up in the suburbs.

America is a nation of drug addicts. I am glad that I am a hippie because most hippies gave up drugs and turned to meditation back when squares were becoming addicted. The drug lords knew that hippies were a limited market and that blacks were a limited market and so they were overjoyed to sell to the square majority and to the white majority.

Personally I have never taken drugs of any kind (no alcohol, no coffee, no cigarettes, no pot, no LSD, no nothing) because I listened to the warnings of parents and teachers and public service announcements, because the danger of brain damage and liver damage was not appealing, and because group pressure simply did not work on me. When I saw my friends puking and looking pasty and a few dying, that confirmed to me that I made a good decision. I was never really tempted to use or to drink or to smoke. Not fun. There is something in that advice given to expectant mothers to avoid drugs. My mother stopped smoking when she was carrying me and I am the healthiest one in my family. My mother smoked when she was carrying my siblings and, needless to say, they smoke. I am not crowing about being cleaner than a Mormon. I am simply concerned that we live in a culture that does not seem to care that not everyone can resist social pressure and group pressure to do stupid things.

Drug abuse is up there with unwanted pregnancy, STD's, gambling, and violence as Most Stupid Things that will screw up your life and the lives of the people around you.

War on Health - Gary Null's documentary exposing the FDA

Are You a Lab Rat?

We have had cinnamon as a spice for thousands of years. However, in modern times, you do not always get true cinnamon, Latin name Cinnamomum verum. Most cinnamon is derived from related species known as cassia. Cassia contains coumarin which is the precursor molecule for pharmaceuticals like warfarin. Warfarin is rat poison. Health agencies in Europe warn against consuming large amounts of this kind of cinnamon because liver and kidney damage can result. If something familiar like cinnamon is discovered to have dangers, then why let Monsanto plunge the whole world over the cliff of introducing genetically modified organisms (GMO) as food? Why be a guinea pig for their testing?

Monsanto officials have been quoted as saying that their company's job is making money and that it is the government's job to worry about safety. Aside from showing this company's disdain for your safety in its greed for profits at any cost, there is another issue. That issue is how lobbyists for the GMO industry including Monsanto lobbyists are allowed to police themselves (fox guarding the chicken house due to deregulation), buy Congressmen, and ultimately pervert the Food and Drug Administration to prevent it from protecting us. There is another issue in that synthetic organisms are allowed out of the lab and into the ecosystem so that organic farmers downwind of GMO farms are genetically polluted and then sued out of business by Monsanto when genetic markers show up in seed.

If this were not enough of an outrage, while the fossil and fission industries are busy causing climate change, Monsanto -- with all its power -- is now making products for "industrial farms" to adjust to climate change. Let us be crystal clear on what is happening. They are making money from climate change and therefore a climate change industry is rising composed of fossil and fission and fellow travelers like Monsanto. This rising industrial complex is nothing less than making money by destroying the world. It makes more sense to destroy destructive industries because if we don't, then they will kill us. They are killing us.

Even if companies like Monsanto were put out of business by disinvestment, boycott, lawsuit, regulation, stricter law enforcement, and simply revoking their charter to do business; there is the presence of overpopulated countries like China and India. China in particular is committed to GMO's. They apparently do not care what they eat and you can be sure that they will export genetically engineered "food" under clever Americanized labels. When I was a child, I was awed by stories of Confucius and Lao-Tsu. I thought that the Chinese in general were wise but after seeing video of the smog in China, I realize that they are not wiser than us.

The human race has for thousands of years groped its way upward toward progress. We have outlawed slavery, freed women despite religions that hate women, passed child labor laws that put children in schools instead of sweat shops, made genocide a thing to fight (instead of business as usual back in Roman times), put electricity and clean water and plumbing into homes, made books available to all instead of just the few, created the idea of time off to relax (weekends did not exist a century ago) instead of working people to death, lengthened lifespan, spread freedom and democracy (even if it seems to have died in America starting with Bush), and created many ways to communicate with people all over the world (through travel, letters, email, phone, social networks, etc.). With thousands of years of progress accomplished, will we eat Frankenfood?

Hannah Crum: GMO Frankenfood & March Against Monsanto, EAT REAL FOOD!

some products all made by the same company

  • polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
  • DDT
  • dioxin
  • Agent Orange
  • r-Bovine Growth Hormone

Ask yourself: Why do we continue to make this company rich instead of throwing the CEO in prison?

Monsanto A Documentary on GMO a must watch

Full Disclosure

I did a little, mind you just a little, bit of research and discovered that although I try to eat healthy, some of the things that I thought were safe are not. Imagine what a lot of research will reveal.

I may have to spend a little more to buy certified organic, non-GMO food. Watch the video that shows you the companies that use Monsanto products. You will be shocked at the presence of familiar brands. You will need to watch it several times and slow it down and stop and back up to make a list of things you want to avoid.

There are a lot of products that call themselves "healthy request" or "healthy choice" but you need to buy local produce and know at least one farmer who does not dump poison on your food. V8. More like an infernal combustion engine than eight vegetables.

Number of Nations That Require GMO Labeling

It has now topped 64.


Off my plate.

While You Are Waiting for GMO Labeling

Take advantage of the foods that are labeled GMO-free

Mommy, why am I growing a third head?

"Mommy, why am I growing a third head?"

"Son, you should have said something when you were growing a second head and not let it get this far."

What is the best way to stop Frankenfood?

What is the best way to stop Frankenfood?

See results

Label the GMO's in Our Food

Genetically Modified food, also known as Frankenfood, is out there on supermarket shelves. It is in eighty to ninety percent of what we eat, drink and even in the clothing we wear. This is why it needs to be labelled. What can you do to make sure that you have the right to choose?

With GM Foods, there are health, economic, and social consequences — including loss of Biodiversity.

Gather signatures to put labeling initiatives on the November ballot so that we have a chance to live!

Label the GMO's in our food, The Programme with Stephen Leader

Is What They Are Feeding Us Killing Us?

Ask yourself these questions when you buy food at the grocery store: What are you buying? Do you know? Are you trusting the food is the real deal as God intended? Parents, what are you feeding your children? Are we living in the last days? Is man playing God? Is there a price to pay? Are we the experiments?

Unlike drug approvals, biotech companies do not conduct human studies. Therefore they fail to identify both general human health reactions and the potentially more serious ones endured by populations.

If some consumers suffer from stomach problems or ulcers, the new toxins will possibly act differently; the digestion in children could be affected too. It is recommended by one epidemiology study to monitor allergic reactions to GMOs.

In America, there is no organized tracing of GMOs anywhere on the continent. Not only is labeling of GMOs urgently needed but the tracing of products from animals fed on GMOs is also crucial. The reason for this is because livestock can develop chronic diseases which are not known today. Labeling animals fed on GMOs is therefore necessary because some pesticide residues linked to GMOs could pass into food.

Even ignoring pesticide residues or DNA fragments that are toxic, nobody would want to eat the meat of disabled or physiologically modified animals after long-term GMOs ingestion.

GMOs are used in biological and medical research, production of drugs, gene therapy, golden rice agriculture, and resistance to herbicides. The term "genetically modified organism" includes insertions of genes from one species into another.

How to Identify G M O Genetically Modified Food at the Grocery Store

GMO Food — It's Worse Than We Thought

Over the last decade, as genetically modified foods have increasingly invaded our food supply, we've been learning more about their dangers to our health.

Some people are providing mounting evidence that leaves no doubt — GMO foods are even worse than we were told by the manufacturers of such "food".

No long-term human studies have ever supported GMO safety. Surprisingly, the World Health Organization requires only ninety days of testing to claim that GMOs are safe. No one dies from smoking cigarettes within ninety days of starting to smoke either.

While lifetime studies still have not been done on humans, scientists have done these studies on animals — and what they found is shocking. Laboratory mice fed just a thirty-three percent GMO diet begin developing aggressive cancers (especially breast cancer), liver failure, and kidney failure.

Fifty percent of the males and seventy percent of the female animals on the GMO diet succumbed to early death at an age equivalent to forty to fifty in a human.

While more and more people are fighting back against GMOs, the big GMO companies spend millions of dollars to defeat laws that would require GMO labeling. These big companies know that GMO crops are cheaper to grow, and therefore more profitable.

Many health experts now warn us to take the only positive action available to protect our health — avoiding GMOs as much as possible. However, considering the fact that GMOs are hidden un-labeled in over thirty thousand food products, that is not an easy task.

And how do you avoid GMOs at restaurants?

Since the introduction of GMO foods, cancers and other diseases have skyrocketed in humans. Is this really a coincidence?

GMO Food — It's Worse Than We Thought

Are GMO's Making You Sick?

There are pros and mostly cons of GMO foods. Monsanto, the leading proponent of these so-call Frankenfoods, wins major court victories but they're seen as the most evil company on Earth in the court of public opinion. More and more countries are banning them outright and there's a huge growing backlash in America as well. It seems like public acceptance of genetically modified food is sinking like a stone. Maybe some day in the far distant future, we will once again have nutritious healthy food like our great-grandparents had when they were children.

Are GMO's Making You Sick?


Murder for money: Is that our food supply? Over seventy-five percent of the food we eat contain GMO's. It has been scientifically proven (in other countries) that genetically modified foods cause damage to those that eat them. In America, consumers have no idea what they're actually eating. Thanks to big corporations, our laws state that you do NOT have to be informed if the products you buy contain GMO's. Will we have to wait for that big tobacco moment before realizing the Frankenfood they are peddling should have come with a warning label?


Why Should You Avoid Genetically Modified Food?

Chances are you have been hearing about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) all over the health and wellness magazines, TV channels, blogs and forums. It is a hot topic for so many reasons, but the main reason why we care so much is because we’ve been eating this stuff — whether we like it or not!

GMO Scandal: Why You Should Avoid Genetically Modified Food


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