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Updated on November 20, 2012

Finding the right place to eat in is sometimes disappointing. Yet, the more it is disheartening when you can’t think of a good food that would satisfy your taste buds. Well, don’t let your craving for food Restaurantruin your day. Get out and try some mouth-watering food at Hardee’s in Kuwait.

Hardee’s Restaurant, an affiliate of the Americana Kuwait Food Company is proven to be one of the favorite dining places in the gulf region. No doubt about it because the restaurant has really caught the interests and demands of those who are sandwich and burger lovers. After taking your meal, you will love Hardee’s recipes and surely you would ask for more.

Foods in Hardee’s Restaurant mainly comprise of chicken and meat or patties. Each of them is mixed with different ingredients to have an extremely different taste to offer from any other restaurant. Chicken sandwiches have different variety like Chicken Fillet normal, Chicken Santa Fe (spicy), Chicken Cordon Bleu, Big Chicken, Frisco Chicken, Chicken Burger and Chicken Tenders all deep fried in vegetable oil to create a crispy delicious taste. Chicken recipes like Fajita Chicken and Parmesan Cheese Chicken are grilled carefully. The restaurant now offers a new presentation of their chicken products. Chicken tenders both normal and spicy are rolled in tortilla bread with choices among tiger sauce, honey mustard, ranch sauce and barbecue sauce.

Burgers are generally made out of partly cooked meat patties of different sizes and are grilled in an electric griller to achieve a juicy and tender quality. Choices are Small Cheese and Small Ham for kids, Superstar, Big Deluxe, Big Hardee and Mushroom and Swiss cheese.

More exciting products such as Hammour or Fish Fillet and Tuna Wrap are best for customers who love to eat fish. They also have a recipe for those who are on a diet like the Low carb Angus meet wrapped in a 4-5 inches wide and 6-7 inches long fresh lettuce leaf. I bet you will love the thinly sliced roast beef dipped in Au jus sauce and topped with cheddar cheese and mushroom sauce.

These recipes are served with your choice of sauces from Santa Fe sauce, mayonnaise, classic sauce, Hardee’s sauce, Black Pepper Mayo, ranch, barbecue, chili, mustard mushroom, Portobello mushroom, honey, tartar sauce, ketchup and many more. You can also choose among the salads you want to have in your food. Jalapeno slices, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions red or white.

The buns used come in different types: the small and big braided bun, seeded bun, oat-dusted bun, ciabatta bun, sourdough and hotdog bun. All are used in a way the customer wants his food to be dressed up. Buns are toasted with butter spread and carefully rolled in a bun toaster and appears in caramel like color.

Side orders and desserts are also available here. Only few of the most requested desserts are buttered corn on the cub, cinnamon and raisins with icing and apple pie rolled in cinnamon sugar. What about French fries, crispy curly fries and onion rings? Oh, take a sip of their refreshing milkshakes on flavors like vanilla, Oreo, strawberry, and chocolates on reasonable prices.

While eating at the restaurant, you will experience a relaxing and friendly atmosphere listening to music, watching TV or browsing pages on the internet. Conduct a meeting, private conversation and gatherings? Do it at Hardee’s, why not? You are taken good care of the staff when in times you need assistance. They would love to do that for you.


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