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Updated on April 11, 2013
The Absolute Best Tasting!
The Absolute Best Tasting!

Salt, yeast extract, maltodextirn, sugar, natural flavor, disodium inosinat. Maltodextrin, what the heck? Yes, it is true. I Louis Pearl G.G. have no idea what these ingredients are made from. I know they blend to taste like real chicken without a single atom of a chicken. I know they combine beautifully to create a great base for soups and I use it in every recipe that requires a chicken taste. If you really want to know what maltodextrin and disodium inosinat are, then go look them up on Google. For me, I just need to know that it tastes great and contains no animal products.

If you are a vegetarian by choice, but love the flavor of chicken, or you are not allowed chicken because of diet restrictions, then you will absolutely want to try HARVEST VEGETARIAN BOUILLION MIX. It is the only vegetarian bullion mix I have tasted that actually tastes like chicken. It is delicious! The only negative, is that you have to experiment with the quantity. Too little and it does not deliver the taste you want, too much and it will taste salty. However, once you find the quantity that is right for you, then every time afterwards you will enjoy that wonderful chicken flavor. Disclaimer: No chickens were harmed in the writing of this review.

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