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Updated on September 12, 2012


I like the Citric Acid method for herbal extraction because once the herbs has been chemically changed by the citric acid, it dissolves easily in any liquid I found. Even water! Thus making it ready for oral ingestion via any form of food, mixed with liquid. If you want a lemon herbal tea in water, just take a pinch off your extract and dilute it in water. So easy. It also mixes great in vinegar, salad dressing, sauces, soup and even soda.

I prefer herbal extracts over drinking herbal tea because you do not get many of the real medicinal properties of all the herbs by just steeping it in hot water. Yes, chlorophyll is good for you and you get the "green benefits" of the herbs by steeping it. However, when you use a real herbal extract, you get a lot more nutrition like micro phyto-nutrients that are necessary for healthy living. You also get the benefits of the oils in the herbs including, plant chemicals pharmaceutical companies make medicine out of. My thought is, why pay them for medication that is easily available with a little know how. I've been working with herbal extracts for over 40 years and the citric acid is by far one of the easiest methods. No need to decarb any herbs here. Nor is there any equipment you have to purchase. It's all done naturally with organic citric acid. Waste not, want not is my motto. No herbs go to waste either. You can purchase citric acid in some markets if your lucky. I buy Organic Citric Acids in bulk quantity as I use it for many other homemade recipes like cheeses, candy and bath soap fizzies, etc.

This recipe can be cut in half or multiplied depending on how much herb you have on hand. It can be made using most herbs like rosemary, green tea, parsley, cayenne or oregano. To those who medicate using cannabis can also find this recipe very helpful. Please remember that this is an extract so you want to keep your herbs organic. You don't want to extract any pesticides right? Ready? Here it is...


  • Herbs 1/4 oz (approximately 7 grams)
  • Citric Acid 2 teaspoons (use organic and not the chemical one)
  • Vinegar 2 teaspoons (approximately just enough to moisten the herb. I used kombucha vinegar)
  • lecithin 1 teaspoon (I used powder)
  • Small GLASS container with lid


  • Grind herbs in blender fine ( not necessary if using bagged herbal teas)
  • Mix the herbs and lecithin. Mix well.
  • Add the citric acid. Mix well.
  • Add vinegar making sure all the ingredients are moist. Compress your herb in a jar and seal tight with a lid. Let it ferment if you will. lol. I love fermented foods. They are so good for you probiotic wise. Set this aside in a dark corner for 5 days.

By the end of 5 days it is ready to use. It looks and feels like pliable tar. You can then roll this dark tarry herb into a golf size ball or flatten it out between plastic wrap and roll it out. At this point, you can cut it into smaller serving pieces. Let it air dry and store in a sealed container.

To use:

  • just pinch a piece off and add to your favorite recipe. Hot herbal tea anyone? Yum.:)

If you like my recipe please feel free to share this or one of my other food blog recipes with your friends. I share how to survive and eat well on a low budget. I do it here at Mary Helen's Test Kitchen. It's where all the experiment recipes take place. I for one never follow recipes. I love to cook and know my herbs. I do my own thing using the simplest utinsils, yet creating delicious meals that have more nutrition than most dishes. I then share all my findings with you. Please visit my kitchen online for more easy healtheir recipes at...

Mary Helen's Test Kitchen.

My thought for today is this world would be a happier place if we were all healthier right? Remember, Food is Medicine. Herbs have been given to us to use as food. It is a gift from our Heavenly Father. I thank you for allowing me to be of service. Many Blessings.


Mary Helen

PS: Pictures coming soon. It's just that I take 1000's pictures monthly and I have to go way back and search for them. I will update as soon as I find them. For now this will do. My apologies.


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