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HUBBALICIOUS Food Contest: A Travel Man's Review

Updated on July 8, 2010
JULES CLANCY, The Stone Soup
JULES CLANCY, The Stone Soup

If FOOD is the topic, everybody listen. Each one of us has its own share of experience, whether its big or simple. Basically we are fond of eating. It's the way we live in this world.

That's why, with all the enthusiasm being given by hubbers by publishing hubs about foods, cooking and its health benefits, the HubPages Staff launched the "Hubbalicious Food Contest" that covered the whole month of June 2010.

All hubbers are kitchen lovers, I conclude; those who love to eat and those who love to cook. Old recipes from our grandmothers were contributed and earned recognition from the judges.

WIN or LOSE, I still commend my fellow hubbers who've won in the four-week competition. To those who took home the prizes and adoration of fellow hubbers and to those who aren't recognize, the appreciation of HP Staff is boundless due to the success of the competition.

All of us contributed equally worthy, fleshy and mouth-watering hubs with a goal to get the nod or approval of the judges (whether they chose it randomly or not).

So, it all ends well that ends well. Congratulations to all of us!!!

Hail to Hubbalicious Judges

No doubt, they're the authority when judging about food contest. Hubpages staff didn't chose them because they knew them personally or just a stone's throw away from their head office in the USA to be the critics of many hubbers from around the world who participated in the contest, but they're famous in their own right with their countless achievements.

If you have time, let's thank them for a job well done. I don't know them personally, but with all the food presentation and the way they took photos and videos on their blogs and YouTube accounts, you'll surely be enticed to appreciate their efforts.

Break a leg, fellow hubbers!!! Where's the champagne? Let's party with them!!!

  1. Jules Clancy - A Blogger with a site called Stone Soup and a YouTube account in her namesake and Facebook account. First, a blogger at heart, this Australian continued her mother's work, June Clancy due to her abrupt demise on August of 2007. She's also into radio show called Jules Clancy: Minimalist Cooking 24-6-10 at Radio Wammo Show, Kiwi FM. You can download her free recipes on Minimalist Home Cooking.
  2. John Birdsall - SFoodie Editor, SF Weekly and based in San Francisco, California. You can listen to him at Street Food Talk on KQED Radio Show and follow SFoodie Weekly at
  3. Phil Vettel - is a Restaurant Critic at the Chicago Tribune and a blogger himself. He dines out approximately 200 night a year, covering restaurants in a six-county region that stretches from Racine, Wisconsin to Valparaiso, Indiana, and occasionally beyond. He writes a weekly restaurant review, a "Table Hopping" column of restaurant news and events, and oversees the production of staff-written reviews in four suburban zones. He also produces the "Dining Guide," a twice-yearly section covering dining trends, news and reviews at WGNTV-WGN.
  4. Joy Wilson - A very prolific blogger with her site: Joy The Baker. As if whatever she say sounds like poetry to the ears of eager readers and admirers. A 29 year-old gal, who pays taxes, do the jury, patiently line up at the post office without heavy sighs and floss. Yes, she floss a lot! Watch her show her expertise at her YouTube account.
  5. Tracy Wilhelmsen - is also a blogger with her site: Tracy's Culinary Adventures. She's based in Rhode Islands and juggles her time being an attorney, a baker, a blogger and a sports enthusiast-rolled into one.

So, there, hubbers. Any doubts we have in mind, please forget it. They're the most trusted people Hubpages gave an authority to declare who's worthy of accolades in this years Hubbalicious Food Contest, CHEERS!!!

Joy The Baker

Jules Clancy c/o Radio Wammo

Phil Vettel of Chicago Tribune interviews Dr. Alan Hirsch

Hubbalicious Winners

These are the results for the monthlong Hubbalicious Food Contest. Travel Man noted that several hubbers won twice or thrice the alloted prices. Congratulations!!!

Week 1 - Cooking Ingredients

Tuesday, June 1: Beans & Pulses or Rices & Grains • Daily Drawing Winner: akirchner

Wednesday, June 2: Cheese & Dairy • Daily Drawing Winner: liswilliams

Thursday, June 3: Herbs & Spices or Extracts & Flavoring • Daily Drawing Winner: Sheila Wilson

Friday, June 4: Meat & Poultry or Seafood • Daily Drawing Winner: Kathryn Vercillo

 Saturday, June 5: Fruits or Vegetables • Daily Drawing Winner: debweave

Sunday, June 6: Baking Supplies or Doughs & Crusts or Leaveners & Yeast • Daily Drawing Winner: Twenty One Days

Monday, June 7: Condiments or Vinegars or Oils & Shortenings • Daily Drawing Winner: classicalgeek

Week 2 - Cooking Techniques

Tuesday, June 8: Beans & Grains • Daily Drawing Winner: Angela Harris

 Wednesday, June 9: Soups or Stocks & Sauces • Daily Drawing Winner: Twenty One Days

Thursday, June 10: Barbecuing or Grilling • Daily Drawing Winner: Kathryn Vercillo

Friday, June 11: Beef, Lamb & Pork or Fish or Poultry • Daily Drawing Winner: habee

Saturday, June 12: Starches, Potatoes & Rice or Cold Preparation of Fruits & Vegetables • Daily Drawing Winner: Twenty One Days

 Sunday, June 13: Baking • Daily Drawing Winner: susanlang

Monday, June 14: Cooking Utensils • Daily Drawing Winner: KCC Big Country

Week 3 - Recipes

Tuesday, June 15: Breakfast Recipes • Daily Drawing Winner: melbel

Wednesday, June 16: Starter & Snack Recipes • Daily Drawing Winner: bengreenfield

Thursday, June 17: Main Dish & Side Dish Recipes • Daily Drawing Winner: Pamela99

Friday, June 18: Dessert Recipes • Daily Drawing Winner: oceansnsunsets

Saturday, June 19: Beverage Recipes • Daily Drawing Winner: PhoenixV

Sunday, June 20: Quick & Easy Recipes • Daily Drawing Winner: PhoenixV

Monday, June 21: Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes • Daily Drawing Winner: Angela Harris

 Week 4 - World Cuisines

Tuesday, June 22: Central Asian or South Asian • Daily Drawing Winner: habee

Wednesday, June 23: Central, Northern and Eastern European or Western European or Southern European • Daily Drawing Winner: melbel

Thursday, June 24: Central American or South American • Daily Drawing Winner: rmcrayne

Friday, June 25: Southeast Asian • Daily Drawing Winner: oceansnsunsets

Saturday, June 26: East Asian • Daily Drawing Winner: PhoenixV

Sunday, June 27: Middle Eastern or East African • Daily Drawing Winner: Pearldiver

Monday, June 28: Fusion or Creole • Daily Drawing Winner: Money Glitch

For the Best HUB  every week:

Week 1: Cooking Ingredients Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Blue Cheese by Paige Masters A Cook's Guide to Lean Fishes by habee

 Week 2: Cooking Techniques The Art of Poaching Fish by Om Paramapoonya Cooking Techniques in Noodle Soup by prettydarkhorse

Week 3: Recipes Old Timey Sweet Recipes from the Past by Peggy W Delicious Rice Cake Recipes for Snack by queen cleopatra

While for Week 4:  Voting is not officially over while I'm doing this hub. But the votes casted by fellow hubbers favored the most prolific hubber to date: habee.


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      You're welcome, melbel. No harm done (hehe!) I forgot to connect with the HubMob thread, that's why all my entries we're not included in the contest. But it's earning few cents, I think so. I will be wiser better once I join HubPages contest again.^-^

    • melbel profile image

      Melanie Palen 7 years ago from New Buffalo, Michigan

      Thank you for including me in this hub! I had a blast with this contest!

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Hi, Ms. Peggy. Thanks for breezing out here. Literally, I'm bookmarking all food hubs, right now, between making hubs and making comments and all. I cannot participate in the Food Forum due to the fact that it's difficult to compose my hubs in my 'mini'laptop plus the on and off signals of the satellites up there. Yet, it still gives me the thrills of the contest; thanking HubPages staff to include us here in Asia. Some Filipino hubbers did win, too. Congrats, to all of you! Love lots !

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Don't forget the non-winners, sailor. They also contributed, like me (hehehe!). Maybe it's not my time yet. I'll try making it best and long, too, the next time around. Sail on!!! :D

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      This Hubalicious contest certainly enticed hubbers to offer many delicious recipes from all over the world. I'm still drooling over many of them and can't wait to try some of them in our own kitchen.

    • thesailor profile image

      thesailor 7 years ago from Seven Seas

      Now, let's drink to that, travel man. Kodus to the winners and cheers!!!