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Habits for living a long life: for busy people with little time to read

Updated on May 18, 2011

Habits for living a long life

 People, both young and old, both female and male, are writing me asking for pointers on how to live to a ripe old age, with joy, peace and hope. They say, "Don't write a lot, just give me the facts." You know all these one-hundred year olds, what do they do differently, than those who die young?"

The following are just a few pointers, not all of the details:

1. Graze when you eat, don't pig out. Be a careful eater when you can. If you have to eat foods that are not the best, just to get by, don't eat much of it.

2. When you work, work carefully. Don't be a risk taker. Drive carefully. Don't ride in cars with bad drivers. Look out for bad drivers on the road when you are driving. It is okay to work for as long as you can, even into you 80s and 90s if you have the strength and the will to keep working. There is honor in work, not in trying to get out of work.

3. Sleep. Get enough sleep. There is no honor is cheating yourself out of your sleep. If you ignore your body's need and your mind's need for rest, you will die young.

4. Don't get caught up in all the hateful talk, hateful action, and hateful living that is going on the world today, all around you. Living in a hateful manner will kill you. Avoid hateful people, avoid hateful conversations, avoid hateful activities.

5. Drink enough water, clean, pure water. Drink juices. If you drink strong drinks, never drink more that one or two a day. One drink a day is something you can live with. To many drinks will kill you. Your liver want tolerate too much drinking.

6. Make exercise a regular part of your daily routines. Walk to where you need to go whenever you can. Don't sat around watching television for many, many hours out of the day. Two hours worth of television is more than enough. If you find yourself bed-ridden, or unable to do anything else but sat around a lot, then this is a different matter. One may find one's self watching TV a lot to keep from getting bored in some situations.

7. If you want more information or details you should read other Hubs that I have written or you should write me with requests for me to write on subjects that you are interested in. I write for you. You should become one of my followers, and after that, you should write me with requests for what you want me to write about.

Follow the above 7 points and your life will get better.

There is an eighth point that I almost forgot to mention. Don't smoke. If you smoke, or use smokeless tobacco, you are going to shorten your life. I can't help you if you abuse tobacco.

God bless you. May you live a long, peaceful, joyful life, full of Love.


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    • Bard of Ely profile image

      Steve Andrews 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Good advice here!