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Hamilton Beach 76606 Pop-Top Electric Can Opener Review

Updated on July 26, 2010

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“I really like this electric can opener. After having tried several other brands, this one seemed to be the best. What I love is that the blade that cuts open the can doesn’t touch the food. Other brands’ blades will touch the food when it is cutting open the can which I find unsanitary.”

“I love this can opener. The cuts it makes are clean and it doesn’t leave metal shavings. This machine can also cut the lids that have a ring tab.”

“I’ll never go back to using a manual can opener ever. This electric can opener cuts nicely without leaving sharp edges. I’m very happy and plus I got this on Amazon for a great deal.”

“This can opener is really easy to use. The cuts are very precise and it leaves no jagged edges. I found this on Amazon and after reading all the rave reviews I bought it. All the glowing reviews are right. This is the best can opener ever.”

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Are you tired of using a manual can opener to get your cans opened? Instead of going through the hassle of using a manual can opener, try using an electric can opener instead. One electric can opener that I like to use is the Hamilton Beach 76606 Pop-Top Electric Can Opener.

I found the Hamilton Beach 76606 to be very useful because it can open cans of all sizes. I can open fruit cans, vegetable cans, and large coffee cans. It’s also pretty easy to use. Just put the can in the opener and start it. The unit will cut off the top and it leaves the edges smooth so that you don’t cut yourself.


  • Electric can opener opens cans of any size, including pop-tops
  • Side-cutting system removes top and leaves a smooth edge
  • Large ergonomic lever provides effortless operation
  • Attractive design


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