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Hansel and Gretel Fudge in Helen, GA Review

Updated on November 8, 2010

Hansel and Gretel Candy

One of my favorite places to go in Helen, Georgia is the Hansel and Gretel candy shop. Ever since I was little, my dad would always bring back fudge when he would go camping, and when I was old enough to go with him, we would go in and pick out fudge.

This past weekend, a few of us from work, to include my dad, all went to Helen for the day, and my main focus was 1) Jordono's pizza and 2) fudge.  I'm a fatty, what can I say, all 112 pounds of me needs to eat. But, anyway, the fudge store was the first place we went, after eating our pizzas.

Hansel and Gretel's Candy Kitchen is a small shop that is always packed with people and the great smell of chocolate. Most of the time when you walk in, you will be able to see workers behind the counters making fudge candies.

The candy store sells tons of fudges, chocolate balls, divinity, rock candy, chocolate turtles, caramel apples, chocolate covered strawberries and cherries, chocolate covered marshmallows and pretzels, pecan and peanut brittle, and so much more.


  • 9 am to 7 pm Sunday - Thursday
  • 9 am to 9 pm Friday & Saturday
  • Closed Christmas Day

* Hours extended during peak season!


8651 Main Street Helen, GA 30545

8078 South Main Street Helen, GA 30545

Buy Fudge and Chocolate

Whether it's your first time to the candy shop or you've been before, it can be a little over-whelming with all of the people there and all of the choices.

After walking around and looking at everything in the store, whether it was Helen novelty items, candy books, or candy, I finally made my decision...

I walked out of the fudge store with 10 chocolate covered cheesecake balls, 5 dark chocolate balls, and 5 white chocolate balls. I wanted to try the southern divinity, but opted to wait until the holidays for family-made divinity candy.

My dad bought three pieces of fudge, and I bought the chocolate balls. Other candy that was purchased on the trip was plain chocolate fudge and maple pecan fudge.


Cold causes the fudge to harden. You may keep in an airtight container or Ziplok-type bag on the counter for up to a week. You can freeze fudge by wrapping securely in plastic wrap and then placing in a plastic storage bag before freezing. To thaw remove from freezer and allow to come to room temperature before unsealing, about 8 hours.

These are guidelines. Fudge is best when consumed soon after purchase; room temperatures and freezers my vary.

Any questions, 1-800-524-3008

Hansel & Gretal Candy Kitchen * Helen, Georgia

Dark chocolate cheesecake balls
Dark chocolate cheesecake balls
Fudge balls - dark chocolate and white chocolate
Fudge balls - dark chocolate and white chocolate


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