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Hansen's, Natural Cane Soda

Updated on July 27, 2012
Hansen's soda cans
Hansen's soda cans | Source

I love root beer! It is one of my favorite soda or pop beverages. I love it for so many reasons more than just because it is sweet. I love it as a candy and of course it is the favorite flavor for any type of ice cream float.

For a dark soda, i believe it is the best to drink, but that is my opinion, yet i will recommend it as the one to choose every time.

Why? Because of what goes into a real root beer soda pop. If you ever pay real attention to the ingredients you will see things like natural spices.

Oh, well, that is if it is a natural soda pop like Hansen's Natural Cane Soda. Hansen's makes it's natural soda pops with real cane sugar, no caffeine, no preservatives, no sodium and all natural flavors.

What could be better than a creamy root beer that is all natural.

I first discovered them in Statesboro, Georgia and i must admit that i am hooked!

The gentleman selling it told me they consider them a part of the healthy snacks he has introduced into his business. Hansen's was among several new items that he says have been doing well.

The flavor is addictive, the fact that they are healthy, made with real cane sugar, is also a plus but like most things they also need to be consumed without over indulgence.

The Hansen Beverage company is located in Corona, CA 92880.

Hansen's starts their product with pure triple filtered carbonated water. That in itself makes it a better product than most, already.

The complete list on the can showing the ingredients are as follows and in this order.


  1. filtered water
  2. sugar
  3. caramel color
  4. natural spices of wintergreen, birch, anise, sassafras,
  5. Tahitian vanilla extract
  6. citric acid

Thoroughly enjoyable!

Necessary ingredients

  • Sassafras
  • Birch
  • Anise

These flavors are vitally important to the flavor of root beer but beyond that they all have health properties that are consistently recommended by alternative medicine professionals, they are also found in other recipes that can be eaten or as a drink.


Sassafras is known to help with circulation, work as a blood purifier, an antibiotic, it aids with menstrual cramps and as a diuretic. It can be used as tea or as an essential oil.

North American Native Indians use it for food and medicine.


Birch is used on it's own making birch beer and also in other items but when it is combined with sassafras, anise and wintergreen the basis for the root beer flavor is obtained.


Anise is a spice that is used in both food and drink. As a health product it can be used for stomach cramps, gas, bloating, and as a digestive aid. It is also used for help in moving mucus in the lungs.

As an oil, it can be used externally for lice and scabies.

As a tea Anise has been known to help with the libido.

Added to these is the wintergreen spice that also aids in the delicious flavor of root beer, and stomach issues. Which i like very much because it adds a distinctive subtle bite to the overall palate of the beer.


Give Hansen's Natural Cane Sugar, root beer a try and see what you think! I for one will continue to pick it up wherever and whenever i can!


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