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Harmful foods

Updated on May 7, 2011

Foods can become our medicine but only if they are natural foods.  Nowadays we have an abundant array of foods with some even packaged so attractive and enticing that it tempts us to buy them.  There is a mixture of both good and harmful foods being sold on the shelves.  Harmful foods are being produced by farming industries and giant food processors.  In some cases, some companies just have purely profit in their minds and not the health of consumers and introduce harmful ingredients that are tasty yet toxic to our body. We have to be alert, cautious and able to differentiate between good and harmful foods.  Even after being able to distinguish them, we still have to decide which food to take.  Between a ripe apricot and a poison pickle, which would we choose to eat?  It is up to us to make a wise decision ourselves.

Let us be aware of what are harmful foods so that we can make intelligent purchases from the supermarkets or grocery stores.

  1. Salted foods

    All salted foods are bad foods such as salted fish, salted nuts, salted seeds and salted crackers.  Salt is used for preserving food as well as for enhancement of flavor.  Too much salt can cause salty urine, water retention in our body as well as causing high blood pressure.

  2. Constipating foods

    Constipating foods are usually foods that are low fiber or starchy such as blackberries, beans, coffee, chocolate, cheese, cakes, candies and many more.  Yet we still need low fiber foods  for other health purposes, therefore to avoid constipation, we may have to combine both high fiber with low fiber foods.

  3. Fermented foods

    Fermented foods are foods that are preserved either with vinegar or salt.  During the process of fermentation, the bacteria produce certain types of waste products which helps to break down the food resulting in byproducts such as alcohol. You can find quite a significant amount of alcoholic content in fermented food like soy sauce.  No doubt the alcohol content is considered small quantity yet no matter how small, it can still have an effect on the cells of our body.

    Vinegar is also a result of food fermentation and can cause indigestion of food.  In fact the sharp and sour taste of vinegar is giving us a signal that this is a harmful food and should not be ingested.  Most kinds of vinegar are harmful to us but there are exceptions.  Apple cider vinegar is one of the good vinegar that is beneficial to our health.

  4. Fried foods

    Fried foods contains oxidants which was produced when fats were cooked at high temperature.  These oxidants can cause cancer.  Another substance that can also cause cancer is acrylamide which is again produced in foods when they are cooked in high temperatures whether it is with or without fat.  Acrylamide is produced not only through frying but also through microwaving, baking and barbecuing.

    The healthiest way to cook our food is to either boil or steam-fry so as to avoid the harmful effects of oxidants and acrylamide.

The three worst foods

Be aware of the three worst foods to avoid and to ensure you leave them out of your diet.

  1. Cranberries

    Cranberries contains high oxalic acid and should never be eaten raw.  Oxalic acid can combine with magnesium salts and calcium to cause formation of oxalates.  If you need to consume cranberries during Thanksgiving, then make sure they are cooked first.

  2. Rhubarb

    Rhubarbs are also high in oxalic acid and can cause joint disturbances more so when they are heated before consumption.

  3. Green Plums

    Green plums is another bad food to avoid completely at all cost especially for those who are suffering from gallbladder or kidney problems as they also contain oxalates which can cause problems to our health when they crystallize.

In fact, these 3 foods are avoided by the birds.  If the birds will not eat them, it would be better that we follow their examples and also leave them out of our diet.


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