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Harry Potter Bakery Creations

Updated on September 20, 2011

I went to Walmart this morning and, like always, took a stroll through the bakery section. I enjoy taking looking at their cupcakes and salivating from afar. If I actually bought all the pastries that caught my fancy I would probably be the size of Aunt Marge when we last saw her in Prisoner's Of Azkaban. So I stuck with sneaking a glance in hopes of finding a small one I might bring home and split with my husband. That's when I came across one with Harry's face manufactured on the front of it. I wanted it and why wouldn't I? It combined all of my favorite things: chocolate cake, buttercreme frosting and Harry Potter. It was like God had said, "For carrying that child for thirty weeks, I bestow the gift of delicious obsession upon you." I must have spent a lot of time staring at that cake, weighing the pros and cons of eating Daniel Radcliffe, because one of the bakery ladies came up and asked if I needed anything.

Although I decided not to get the cake, she had seen my excitement over the design and felt it warranted opening the window to showing me similar cakes. She pulled out their bakery book and showed me that they did two other Harry Potter cakes as well: the Hogwarts castle and the Quidditch Pitch. Except they weren't just pictures. They were full on, 3-D cakes with intricate designs that they spent hours on so the receiver would pass out in excitement. I was already hyperventilating at this point, ready to spend whatever the cost to get my own amazing cake. Then I realized that all of it would probably go to waste because let's face it, who would eat it? I might be pregnant and craving all things sugary, but no craving has ever lasted longer than a few days. I'd get three pieces into the castle and then it'd all have to be chucked. Perhaps I could share with my apartment building? Though that might seem sketchy. Knocking on someone's door and asking them if they want cake just doesn't seem incredibly legitimate.

Nonetheless, it inspired me to come home and look up other Harry Potter bakery creations. After all, there was so much more in the Wizarding World than the castle and the quidditch pitch. So now I provide you with the culinary arts of some of my new favorite people. You go, cake decorators!

Cupcakes by an unknown designer. Look at how delicious they are! They include each of the house crests and Harry's glasses. When I make cupcakes I frost them and be done with it. I don't spend time making fun designs like broomsticks, scarves and signs leading to the Hogwarts Express. Clearly I haven't been putting in enough time making my own Harry Potter art, because this all seems pretty easy. If, you know, you happen to be artistic. I don't have an artistic bone in my body, so perhaps it's a good thing I never tried to make a lightning bolt cupcake. Who knows what dastardly deeds could have transpired! And, wait a minute, are those chocolate? Whoever made these is a god!

Oh, hadn't you heard? I'd changed my name to Ronald. In fact, I'll be whoever you want me to be if it means getting my hands on this cake. You don't even want to know the things I'd do to get a cake like this.

Now I've always felt a strong affinity for the Slytherin house - could be because they have a number of scrumptious looking men, i.e. Draco and Snape - but I would settle for being a Gryffindor if this cake came with it.

This is only a sampling of the Harry Potter cakes out there. It seems that as long as you think you can make it, it can be done in the cake world. All I know is that I need to find someone with more talent or a bakery that's willing to take on the challenge of making me a life-size cake of Draco Malfoy. I would eat the pants off that man - pun very intended.

What would your ideal Harry Potter cake look like?


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    • profile image

      Ron 6 years ago

      Great hub, I read everything and it is fantastic! Ron from

    • JEDIJESSICUH profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago from Kansas

      Thank you, everyone. I'd take a bow, but I can't bend at the waist with this baby inside my belly.

    • KMattox profile image

      KMattox 6 years ago from USA

      Thanks for an interesting and funny hub.

    • Rswilliams8 profile image

      Rswilliams8 6 years ago from Provo, UT

      this is the cutest thing i have ever seen! and i don't even like HP that much... :) LOVE

    • tarrka1089 profile image

      tarrka1089 6 years ago from Ohio

      You are too funny. When I made cakes it was still a very two-dimensional art. Of course, not counting wedding cakes. They are definitely fun to make, but after a while smelling all that sweetness just makes you want BUT cake, believe me. [voted up and funny - loved the pics too!]