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Health Benefits of Beer : How Beer Is Good for Your Body and Overall Health

Updated on August 30, 2018

Advantageous of Beer Drinking

Here are the top 5 advantages of beer in moderate amount:

  1. Beer is natural for your body, good or digestion.
  2. Beer is good for your cholesterol.
  3. Beer is good for Kidney if taken in moderate amount.
  4. Beer keeps you active.
  5. Beer helps you chill and sleep better

Benefits of Beer : Does it Really Help ?

For many people, this can be a surprise but yes Beer has some great health benefits for the human body. You may be thinking beer drinking as a bad habit but it can help you if have moderate consumption for a healthy person.

First and foremost I am not promoting beer drinking here but just pointing out some of the benefits. There are some health benefits to drinking beer and this is proven by scientific research. Beer advantages can vary in the amount consumed. If you drink too much and too frequently it will be dangerous.

Moderate beer drinking gives certain advantages to your body. Moderation amount can differ from people to people, but I think as long as you have good sense and have all your reflexes working than it will be good.

Please keep in mind, these benefits are for moderate, safe drinking. Not if you are consuming dozens of beer bottles. There are many advantages of beer if taken in moderate amount but I am going to discuss top 5 here. So here are the benefits. Enjoy!

Health Benefits of Beer


Beer is Natural

1. Beer is Natural for Your Body, It Stimulates Digestion

Yes, beer is an all natural formula. It is as natural as any fruit juice or milk. It is because beer does not need any preservative to save it a long time. It never gets rotten. In fact, as you all know, alcohol gets only better with time. Beer is fermented and it is all natural process. We cook many other foods in the same fermentation process. So beer is natural and without any additives or preservatives.

Beer helps you stimulate your digestion system, Moderate beer consumption can greatly help you get stronger hunger and will make you take more food. It will also help you to digest it fast. With no preservatives and natural ingredients, beer helps you stimulate your internal organs.

2. Low in Calorie

There is a misconception regarding beer that it increases weight. The beer has actually very less calorie than other beverages and juices. If you are a weight watcher this is a good point for you. Many fruit juice and other beverages have more calorie than beer. Some fruit juice contains more sugar than beer. Usually, a 12oz beer can have around 100 calories. This amount is considered a good fit for an average person with about 2000-2500 calories per day need. Only plain tea and water has lesser calorie than beer in regular drinks. It is also low in carbohydrates that can cause weight gain issue. So without carbohydrates and low calories, beer is safe for weight watchers. So if you drink 1-2 beers per day, it will not give you additional calorie.

Beer Helps in Heart Disease

3. Beer is Good for Your Heart

You will be a little surprised by this but it is a fact. Dark beer has the second most amount of antioxidants after red wine. Antioxidants are good for your heart's healthy functioning. Red wine is the main reason why French people have one of the lowest heart disease rates in the world. American Heart Association pointed out that there is no clear evidence to show red wine is healthier than a dark beer. As per a research, moderate consumption of beer prevents coronary disease.


4. Beer Helps Fighting Cancer Cells

This is again a little surprising for many. The beer has antioxidants and it helps fighting cancer cells. Antioxidants in natural fruits and vegetables help your body providing antioxidants. These antioxidants flush out bad cancer cells out of your body and prevent other healthy cells. Beer contains antioxidants which are as good as other antioxidants. Moreover, Beer helps in keeping the prostate healthy. As per research, one in six men is vulnerable to prostate cancer. Moderate beer consumption can definitely help in preventing such disease.

Favorite Beer

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5. Beer helps you Chill and Sleep Better

Beer is a social bridge for many people. It helps you connect with people in many social gatherings. It helps you feel relaxed and forget the day to day stress. We all need some stress relief from a hectic life schedule. People who drink beer, feel relaxed and can sleep better. Beer let the body feel loose and eventually we get better sleep without any worry long night sleep. Because of the better sleep, the next day you will feel all refreshed and can do your daily routine with more ease.


Who Should NOT Consume Beer

You should NOT consume any alcoholic drinks if you are

  1. Pregnant Woman
  2. Sick or on any Medication
  3. Person with prostate/bladder problem
  4. Anyone below 21

At The End...

Once again, I am not trying to promote drinking here but just stating out some of the benefits given by moderate beer consumption. These benefits for beer consumption are applied for a moderate and safe drinking only. I have seen people who drink more than they can handle and get drunk. Getting drunk will get you nowhere, it will even hurt you as you will have no control over your mind. I warn, do not ever drink if you need to drive later on. It is illegal to drink and drive. You will hurt not only yourself but to others as well. Beer should be consumed only at a safe place and DO NOT EVER DRINK and DRIVE. It is very dangerous for you, your family and others as well. So many fatalities happen each year due to drink and drive. Hope my post helps you get some more information and insights regarding beer.


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