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8 Health Benefits of Tequila

Updated on December 31, 2016

1. It Acts As A Digestive Aid

. . . When consumed in moderation before, during, or after a meal.4
Tequila is considered a 'digestif'. This means that it is part of a family of drinks that also includes brandy, whiskey and fortified wines that are said to aid digestion when consumed with a meal.7 These beverages contain bitter herbs called carminatives that may help reduce flatulence.6

It also contains the natural sugar, Agavin, which doubles as a fiber3 and may help with regular bowel functions.

2. It Lowers Cholesterol

Tequila has been known to dissolve bad fats that contribute to high cholesterol levels.5 Agavins, the natural sugar found in the Agave plant that tequila is produced from, were proven to lower triglycerides - the bad fat that contributes to strokes and heart attacks.3

3. Can Assist with Insulin Production

Studies using mice have confirmed that tequila can contribute to higher insulin levels and lower blood sugar production which may help those with Type II diabetes.5 Because agavins can't be absorbed into the body they have no effect on raising blood sugar.3 They also increase GLP-1 levels (a fancy name for a peptide that spurs insulin production in the body.3


4. Can Help Regulate Weight

When used in moderation the agavin in Tequila has been known to help moderate appetite and assist in feeling fuller for longer.5 Because this nifty sugar also doubles as a type of fiber it means that - just like other fibers - it helps sate our appetite.3

5. May Help With IBS (Irritable Bowel Symptom) Treatment

Tequila is more resistant to breakdown by stomach acids and acts as a 'carrier' for other drugs. This means that medicine used to treat bowel and colon issues that would otherwise breakdown passing through the digestive track retains more of its benefits when paired with tequila.5

However, many experts insist that alcohol of any kind consumed with IBS can be an incredibly uncomfortable experience. As little as one drink can cause a flare up since it acts as a bowel irritant - this coming from the family doctor and first hand experiences of a friend who suffers from IBS.


6. Lowers Risk Of Osteoporosis via Assisted Calcium Absorption

Mice from a different study conducted by Dr. Lopez (who was also responsible for the other studies on agavins mentioned previously) were less likely to lose calcium content via excretion and showed a 50% increase in the production of proteins contributing to new bone tissue.5

7. It's a Probiotic

Fructans in the agave plant that tequila is produced from help supply the healthy bacteria that our guts need to function properly.1This includes the probiotic bacteria lactobacillus and bifidus.3


8. Helps Reduce Pain

By dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow tequila helps increase pain tolerance.2

As with any alcohol, positive side effects are often completely reversed if consumed in excess. Please drink within your limits.

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