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Health Benefits of Mung Bean Sprouts

Updated on February 1, 2015

Fresh bean sprouts

Fresh bean sprouts are easy to find in Asian supermarkets
Fresh bean sprouts are easy to find in Asian supermarkets

Mung bean sprouts aren't just for Asian cuisine

Although Mung bean sprouts are most commonly found in dishes pertaining to Asian cuisine, they are quickly gaining popularity in many other types of cuisines. In the past, bean sprouts haven't always been considered as a particularly nutritional ingredient by those not wholly familiar with them other than as an accompaniment to stir-fries and soups..

But you'd be surprised to know that they are indeed quite health, packing good amounts of A, B, C, and E. Bean sprouts, properly referred to as Mung bean sprouts, also contain many healthy minerals, including Iron, Potassium and Calcium. Overall, they are a tasty and healthy addition to all manner of dishes, or even as a simple snack on their own.

Substitute mung bean spouts for less healthier grains

Because the nutritional content of mung bean sprouts contain both ample vitamins and minerals, bean sprouts have gained popularity as a health food. They can be found available fresh all year round in Asian supermarkets, and many other regular supermarkets also carry them fresh, loose or already pre-packaged. They have a wonderful crunch and a mild flavor, which makes them great for snacking, as well as a welcome addition to many meals.

However, you should also keep in mind that while the health benefits of mung bean sprouts are plentiful, they aren't enough to be considered a proper daily source of vitamins and minerals. But by combining them in dishes with other healthy ingredients, or substituting them for other less nutritional foods such as white rice or pasta, you'll be able to improve your healthy intake each day.

Additional nutritional content of mung bean sprouts

Mung bean sprouts do not contain any cholesterol, and they also make a good snack choice for anyone who is watching their weight and counting calories. Additionally, mung bean sprouts are high in fiber, and can be digested easily due to the presence of particular enzymes that aid in digestion. A cup of bean sprouts will contain only about 30 calories and 6 carbohydrates. They also are low in fat, with one cup containing about 2 grams. They also contain about 3 grams of protein per cup. Sprouts also contain a high source of fiber, are easily digestible and contain a high concentration of enzymes facilitating the digestive process.

How to find fresh, healthy mung bean sprouts

If you can't find them fresh for some reason, you can also usually find mung bean spouts in a can, probably in the International aisle of the supermarket amongst the Asian foods. But the fresh ones are obviously better in quality and taste, as well as freshness ands crispness.

Keep mung bean sprouts in the refrigerator to maintain their freshness for about 304 days. After that, they will start to get slimy and will no longer be appealing for use in any dishes. When getting loose, fresh spouts at the supermarket, choose ones that appear white in color and test them with your fingers for crispness. Sometimes you will find them with the seed pods cleaned off, but not always, and it is fine to eat the pods as well.

If you are worried about any bacteria on fresh bean sprouts, then simply cook them to destroy the bacteria. Additionally, if you plan on serving them fresh or cold, then wash them in ice-cold water to destroy any bacteria.

Using mung bean sprouts in the kitchen

Mung bean sprouts are most commonly found in Asian stir-fries, and they are also found commonly in many Asian soups. However, there are many other dishes that you might consider using mung bean sprouts in in order to maximize the amount of health benefits you might gain from them. You can use them to replace noodles and rice in many other dishes, and really get even more flavor and health benefits by adding an assortment of herbs and spices such as ginger and garlic. You can also use them in wraps, omelettes, salads, and even coleslaw.

A healthy mung bean sprout salad

Mung bean sprouts before they have fully sprouted
Mung bean sprouts before they have fully sprouted

You can grow your own mung bean sprouts at home

It is easy to grow your own sprouts; you can find plenty of information on the Internet about how to do so. You can also view the video below for clear instructions, and you'll be on your way to enjoying the health benefits of mung bean sprouts in no time!

How to grow mung bean sprouts

Another excellent recipe where you can enjoy the fresh flavor and health benefits of mung bean sprouts


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