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Nutritious and Delicious Breakfast: Red Rice Porridge, Egg Omelet, and Soup

Updated on September 18, 2019
ShailaSheshadri profile image

I like to cook and eat natural, healthy, and tasty foods, and I enjoy sharing recipes from my native Indian cuisine.

Why Breakfast Should be Healthier Than the Other Meals of The Day?

Breakfast or brunch forms the first food we consume after a long gap of about 12-14 hours. During this time, the food which we have eaten at night would have been burnt completely. You have to recharge the body with the proper food. Hence, it is very important to eat nutrient-rich breakfast or brunch.

Nutritionists and doctors recommend a healthy breakfast for good health and also for weight control. The food you have eaten during breakfast would definitely be digested/burned before going to bed, and hence, no question of fat deposition. This is also one of the reasons why breakfast should be the best meal of the day.

Now, let me share a few easy and healthy breakfast plans!

Today's breakfast in our home: Combination of egg omelet, red rice porridge, and soup
Today's breakfast in our home: Combination of egg omelet, red rice porridge, and soup

About My Breakfast

I made three items for today's breakfast. Along with these, my husband eats some fruits. The quantity of the consumption differs among the family members, may be, according to their age and lifestyle. My son is an adult who goes to the gym in the morning, prefers egg-based breakfast. My husband who goes to work/office likes to eat red rice porridge as the main dish in the morning. The other members of the family eat one or two items I make. Normally, we make two or three items for the breakfast and a bowl of fruits. I will explain here, how to make each of these dishes.

How to Make Red Rice Porridge:

Cooking red rice porridge takes more time when compared to white rice porridge. To lessen the cooking time, you have to soak red rice in water for 30-40 minutes before cooking.

  • Take a heaped cup of red rice. Wash in water and soak in a cooker container, with two and a half glasses of freshwater. Keep aside for 30-40 minutes.
  • Heat the pressure cooker. Add some water to the bottom. Keep the rice container inside. Cook until two whistles and simmer for 15 minutes. Turn off heat.
  • Once the pressure releases from the cooker, open the lid. Check whether the rice got cooked properly and whether you need it to be more watery. If needed, add some water and cook for few more minutes. Red rice porridge is now ready to serve.
  • There are two ways to eat this porridge. The first way is by adding a scoop of butter or ghee on the hot porridge and eating with a spicy pickle or with a spicy chutney as a side dish.
  • In the second method, you have to add yogurt or thick curd to the not so hot porridge and eat with pickle or spicy chutney. I prefer spicy coriander chutney to eat rice porridge.
  • This recipe serves 4 people.

Health Benefits of Red rice:

1. Red rice is rich in fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients, phytochemicals, vitamin E, proteins, iron, and other nutrients.

2. Eating red rice is believed to be beneficial for kidney, liver, and stomach.

3. It can lower blood glucose and cholesterol level. Also, it helps to prevent heart disease.

4. Red rice consumption helps in reducing obesity and fighting asthma.

2. Making Tomato and Carrot Soup

  • Take two heaped cups of chopped tomatoes, 1/2 cup carrot, and a tablespoon chopped onion in a cooker container. Cook till soft and mushy. If you are cooking in a pressure cooker, it takes about ten minutes to cook. Keep aside for cooling.
  • Take one teaspoon chopped ginger, 1/4 teaspoon peppercorns, and 3-4 garlic cloves along with the boiled vegetables in a mixer/blender. Grind to get a smooth liquid.
  • Sieve it, discard the impurities. Add 2-3 glasses of water to the fine thick pulp. Boil for two minutes. Add salt and sugar, as per taste.
  • Garnish with chopped coriander leaves. Serve hot with a spoon of fresh butter. Enjoy sipping the aromatic tomato soup!
  • This recipe serves four people.

Tomato and carrot soup
Tomato and carrot soup

3. Making Egg omelet

  • You need 4 eggs, 1/4 cup milk, 1/2 a cup of finely chopped onion, one chopped green chili or 1/2 teaspoon pepper powder, a pinch of salt(optional), and two tablespoons of chopped coriander leaves.
  • I had some grated carrot which I used in this recipe. However, it is purely optional.
  • Whisk eggs in a bowl. Add all the other ingredients. Mix well. It should be a perfect blend like crepe batter.
  • Heat a pan. Grease with butter(optional). Thinly pour the batter to form a round shape of about 6 inches diameter.
  • Flip it when the bottom becomes golden brown. Cook for 30 seconds. Remove on a serving plate.
  • Repeat the procedure for the entire batter.
  • This recipe makes 4-5 omelets.
  • Eat hot omelet with tomato sauce.

Egg omelet batter
Egg omelet batter
Egg omelet
Egg omelet


If you have many varieties of breakfast dishes, it is easy to pick the ones you like. Also, you have the benefit of getting varied nutrients. However, it is difficult to make varieties at home for the breakfast, on a regular basis.

Dietitians recommend that people eat nutrient rich food for the breakfast. Hence, whenever you have time, make varieties and eat healthy food for the breakfast. Have a good day!


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