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Healthy Choices Cookbook| Keepers At Home | No Sugar,White Flour, Artificial Ingredients

Updated on October 5, 2012

Healthy Choices focuses on wholesome nutritious food using no sugar, no white flour, and nothing at all artificial

Healthy Choices should be at the top of a best seller list, but because it is published by the Amish and Mennonite communities Healthy Choices just has not attracted the electronic media mainstream attention.

Healthy Choices is one of the largest and most comprehensive books ever published by Keepers at Home. The book focuses on simple healthy living solutions for self-sufficient and frugal minded individuals.

Healthy Choices focuses on wholesome nutritious food using no sugar, no white flour, and nothing at all artificial. The book has tips and home based simple solutions to live chemical free, and how to grow your own foods organically.

The thick book is spiral bound making it extremely easy to use. The pages fully flip back so that you can sit this book on a counter or cookbook stand to reference a recipe without the other pages closing up.

This is something rather frustrating when you have both hands covered in a mix and you need to quickly check the measure for the next ingredient.

If you are pinching pennies and wanting to live both frugal and healthy this book probably has the answers and solutions you have been looking for.

This is far more than just any cookbook, yes it contains an abundance of favorite Amish and Mennonite recipes for making breads, casseroles, main dishes, salads, and oh yes all those wonderful desserts, but imagine without added sugar! None Zippo!

But Healthy Choices is just not an ordinary cookbook either. You will find recipes and solutions to replace almost any processed product on a supermarket shelf.

With over 450 pages Healthy Choices is a self sufficient treasure book. Loaded full with wholesome recipes, how to ideas and tips for home remedies, making your own soaps, cleaning products, garden solutions and much more

Throughout the book you will find tip boxes giving practical ideas and solutions, such as replacing sugar with pineapple juice when canning peaches and other fruits, or use yogurt instead of butter milk in corn bread to make it softer and moist.

Keepers at Home is a network of thousands of Mennonite and Amish women who share their self-sufficient life experiences with each other. It’s like a supportive social network but the old fashioned way, totally off-line.

“Keepers at Home Magazine” is a very popular publication from the Keepers at Home. Each quarter over 16000 women of all faiths eagerly await the arrival of this refreshing Christian based magazine to find inspiration, interesting stories, tips and solutions to gardening, food preserving, common domestic issues, and other guidance in raising a family while keeping a home up.

You won’t find this information any where on the Internet either, all their work is still published in books just like Healthy Choices.

From the recipes in Healthy Choices you can make your own dry mixes without the high sodium and or preservatives. Imagine cooking pancakes or waffles on Sunday morning from your own homemade pancake mix without sugar and where you decide how much salt to add.

Make your own homemade cereals and granola's and ditch the expensive store boxed cereals loaded with sodium and sugar as well as the chemical preservatives.

Find over 30 new salads including some of the Amish favorites; varieties of fruit salads, potato salads, fiesta corn salads, three bean salads, broccoli salads, and so many more.

Make your own Mayonnaise, and salad dressings; find 8 different recipes for mayonnaise, and miracle whips, as well as 19 homemade favorite salad dressings.

Replace expensive sugar and chemical laced commercialized drinks with alternative healthy seasonal beverages; make your own rice and almond milk, hot winter and cold summer drinks, healthy milk shakes, and smoothies.

Make your own dairy products including cheese, yogurt, and butter. With 7 butter, 9 yogurt, 16 cheese, 4 cottage cheese, and other recipes for berry smoothies, canned cream, and sour cream you are sure to find a dairy solution for your kitchen.

Find 20 recipes to make your own healthy seasoning mixes. You control the sodium content to make taco seasonings, seasoned salts, herb seasonings, baking powered, and chicken bullion powder.

Learn how to cook with herbs; 30 different recipes and ideas on combining herbs and wild plants into normally bland dishes.

Make your own soaps and homemade cleaning solutions. Find 37 practical ideas and recipes to make window cleaners, stove and oven cleaners, household cleaners, drain openers, woodwork cleaners, tub & tile cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, laundry soap, fabric softener , dish washing soap, bath soaps and much more.

Learn how to control home and garden pest with natural recipes that don’t use chemicals. Prefect solutions used by the Amish in their organic gardening and home pest control processes.

You will find 28 common garden solutions and recipes to make your own products. Control powdery mildew, with a vinegar and Listerine recipe. Make your own garden growth sprays, and make a weed killer that is non-toxic to the soil.

Learn about 36 simple natural home remedies, such as flu busters, immune boosters, cold remedies, body cleanses, anemia prevention, headache cure, plus recipes to make your own creams, butters and salves.

Vegetarian or Vegan diet? Find 37 meat substitute recipes from grain burgers, to making meatless meatballs, and bean burgers.

Home canning? This book contains information on canning soups, meats, vegetables and fruits. Recipes and instructions for sausage mixes, venison jerky, bologna, salmon, salsas, sauces, making ketchup, canning pickles, vegetables and fruits without added sugar.

Looking for outdoor cooking ideas and recipes? Find new ideas and recipes to cook over a campfire. From campfire stew and biscuits to cooking veggies or just a simple pie iron sandwich recipe are located in this section of Healthy Choices.

Normally you would have to travel to the Amish country to find Keepers at Home books, but now you can purchase Healthy Choices as well as all the Keepers at home books and even subscribe to the popular Keepers at Home Magazine at Cottage Craft

Cottage Craft Works is a unique online store that carries many of the Amish non-electric products. At Cottage Craft Works .com you will find a treasure chest of old fashioned back-to-basic products for a simpler and self-sufficient lifestyle.


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    • Esther Deihl profile image

      Esther Deihl 

      6 years ago from Louisiana

      You made me want to get one right away!


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